Cape Cod House Plans

Cape Cod House Plans

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Cape Cod House Plan Number: 34077The scent of salty sea air.  The sight of seagulls teetering on the wind.  The sound of an unseen fog horn somewhere “out there.”  These are the things that most often come to mind when we think of Cape Cod style homes.  Classic design elements that most commonly define these homes are simple architectural lines, front-to-back gable roofs, windowed dormers, shingled or lap siding and an occasional covered porch.   Although they were spawned on The Cape, these comfortable homes feel welcome anywhere – even in the most landlocked communities.         

  • Simple styling
  • Front-to-back gable roof
  • Windowed dormers
  • Shingle or lap siding
  • Commonly referred to as “New England Style Homes”
  • Cape Cod floor plans put bedrooms on the second floor

Search our Cape Cod Home Plans collection

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