Project Plan 90043 Swing ArborAdd a Twist of Something Special to Your New Back Yard

With about a million things to think about, it’s understandable that if you’re planning to build a new home, you may not have spent much time thinking beyond the home itself.  The yard – especially the back yard – has likely settled toward the bottom of your list of things to lose sleep over.  But it’s in the back yard, perhaps the most understated spot on the property, where you can add a twist of something special that will set your new home apart from your neighbors’.  You can build a project plan. 

In this age of the do-it-yourselfer, project plans for decks, sheds, gazebos and so forth have become more popular than ever.  Homeowners have wisely come to realize that in spite of rising construction costs, backyard project structures can significantly expand the outdoor living and storage space of any home, and as an added benefit, can actually increase the overall value of the property – for relatively few dollars.  On a personal level, those who enjoy swinging a hammer know that there is something deeply satisfying about completing a project that is both pleasant to look at and practical to use. 

Perhaps the most important aspect of building a project plan is that it can truly set your home apart – making it memorable to all, and magical to some (if you build a playhouse, of course).  You don’t have to look at most neighborhoods for too long to realize that every property, every back yard, looks more-or-less the same.  It’s a fact of life that the smallest details often make the biggest impressions.  When it comes to new home construction, a project plan provides an out-of-the-ordinary detail that will be remembered by all as something special.  This dividend will be especially appreciated when one day you put the home on the market.  Your home will be remembered.

Whether you choose to tackle the construction of a project plan yourself, or hire a contractor to build it for you, be assured that the project plans featured here (opposite) and on ? are designed with the do-it-yourself builder in mind.  All of our plans are professionally drafted and include highly detailed construction drawings, step-by-step instructions and complete materials lists to guide you or your contractor through the project from start to finish.

So as you lie awake tonight, thinking through the myriad of details surrounding the construction of your next home, reserve a few moments to imagine yourself relaxing in the shade of a quaint backyard gazebo, or potting flowers in your new garden shed, or listening to the laughter of children from inside the playhouse you built for them.  Think about these things that will transform your back yard from mundane to magical.  Just keep thinking about them – and who knows, you might even get a decent night’s sleep. 

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Order our Project Plan Catalog with over 70 quality DIY (Do-It-Yourself) project plans.
Each of our project plans comes with a complete set of professionally drafted construction drawings. In addition, the plans include helpful diagrams and details to guide you step-by-step through the construction process. Many projects include plans for alternate versions, which are included at no additional cost.
In addition to construction drawings and step-by-step details, our project plans also include a detailed listing of the materials needed to complete the project. A materials list will help you determine the cost of the project and will save time in the construction process.

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