Earth Sheltered or Earth Berm House Plans

Earth Sheltered or Earth Berm House Plans

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Click to view this Underground House PlanEarth Sheltered homes are certainly nothing new.  People have been using the earth to provide shelter since…well…remember the caveman?  Today’s Earth Berm or underground home is anything but a cave, but it is usually found nestled into the side of a hill or large berm of earth.  The environmental movement of the 1970’s renewed this style’s popularity due to its energy efficient and eco-friendly qualities.  Other advantages include added safety from storms such as tornados.  The greatest challenge one might encounter in building an Earth Sheltered home is finding a contractor who is familiar with this out-of-the-ordinary type of home construction.  

  • Three sides earth-protected
  • Energy efficient and eco-friendly
  • Added safety from storms such as hurricanes and tornados
  • Special holiday for earth sheltered friendly living is “Underground America Day”
  • Home floor plans are typical to standard residential construction

Search our Earth Berm Home Plans collection

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