Custom Stairways Add Distinctive Style to Home Interiors

Custom Stairways Add Distinctive Style to Home Interiors

As one of the most prominent interior architectural features, custom staircases are an increasingly popular way for homeowners to make a captivating first impression.

Interior stairways help define a home’s look and serve as more than just a connecting point between two levels. Today’s stairway offerings include a wide selection of styles and accessories, allowing homeowners to express their individual taste with looks that are easily incorporated into any home.

NOTE: If you are currently building or preparing to build a new home now is the best time to incorporate a distinctive stairway into your house plans.


With the growing popularity of personalized home decor and design, today’s specialty stairways can help set rooms apart while complementing the home’s overall interior style.

For example, forged iron designs feature high-quality iron with several elegant patterns to match a broad range of looks. Forged iron balusters easily incorporate Old World charm into interior spaces, and are available with patterns such as globes, spoon designs, classic twists, graceful baskets, intricate scrolls and twisted ribbons.

Mixing and matching forged iron styles with traditional materials is also a popular way to customize stairways. Contrasting forged iron balusters and medallions with the natural warmth of wood railings and wood newels (stair components typically located at the bottom of a staircase and at all rail transition points) enhances visual interest. And for a truly distinctive look, special forged balusters can be combined to incorporate designs with feathered, round, scrolled, hammered, butterfly and basket profiles.

Homeowners can work with their builder and stair component supplier to create a custom stairway. Programs are now available that offer a simple way to translate unique stairway ideas into reality. “The possibilities for a custom, designer stairway are nearly endless,” says David Wynne of Coffman Stairs. “Our Customs & Specials program makes it easy for homeowners to achieve a one-of-a-kind design, with stair parts produced to the highest standards of craftsmanship.”

Classic Looks for Contemporary Spaces

Contemporary stair product selections offer wide versatility for homeowners to create a modern twist on classic stairway styles. Designs range from simple to ornate, with handcrafted detailing offering a warm, engaging look.

Hardwood staircase options add an element of timeless appeal. For example, the art deco style exudes an elegant quality reminiscent of the popular design movement with its soft curves and elongated tapers. Other admired styles include Bristol, featuring delicate carvings atop vase balusters; and Chippendale, made famous by the master furniture maker, featuring carefully crafted flutes and graceful proportions.

In addition to traditional hardwood choices, a full range of wood species is available –from rich mahogany and walnut, to more exotic choices like Brazilian cherry and Australian cypress. Exotic options provide the flexibility to create a unique stairway masterpiece.

Finishing Touches

For a visually appealing look that complements the overall room design, it is important for homeowners to become familiar with the finishing options and accessories available with stair products.

Homeowners are creating design consistency with forged iron finishing colors that complement furniture, cabinet and window hardware, including matte black, antique bronze, powder coat and satin black. Oil-rubbed copper and antique nickel finishes lend a subtler, lighter look. Black adds a touch of drama, and antique nickel provides a more contemporary feel, blending with many of today’s home hardware looks.

Additionally, visual interest can be enhanced with decorative forged iron accessories. Medallions for use in medallion balusters can also be incorporated and are available in simple or ornate round styles. Brass baskets incorporated into balusters are a differentiating alternative and add an unexpected look to rooms with sophisticated or luxurious decor.

Homeowners are looking to custom stairways as a fresh way to differentiate and personalize homes. From hardwood styles that complement modern living areas to custom forged iron designs, there are many high-quality options to choose from to match any taste.

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