Beat the Winter Blahs with Home Decorating Projects

Beat the Winter Blahs with Home Decorating Projects

(ARA) – For many of us, the return of winter means six months of snow, sleet and colder temperatures that force us to take cover indoors. Being stuck inside month after month can leave anyone a little bored. That’s what makes winter an ideal time to tackle easy, do-it-yourself indoor home improvements.

Staying busy with interior projects will not only help break up the monotony of the winter months, but will also increase your home’s value and aesthetic appeal. Plus, you’ll have more time to spend doing the things you enjoy when the warmer months of spring and summer arrive.

So, get ready to pick up that paint brush and hammer and battle the winter blahs with the following projects:

Long gone are the days when you had to wait until you could open the windows to paint inside. Today’s no-VOC paints don’t contain harmful volatile organic compounds that can evaporate into your home’s air, which means you can paint year around with the windows closed. There are many low- or no-VOC painting products on the market, but Dutch Boy’s new Refresh paint is the only no-VOC paint that’s been independently GreenGuard Certified and offers exclusive Arm & Hammer odor-eliminating technology. Ideal for kitchens, basements, laundry rooms, family rooms and bathrooms, the technology actually captures and removes common odors from the air, leaving your house odor-free.

Add Crown Molding
It’s often said that good design is in the details. Crown molding is an ideal way to add architectural detail and sophistication to your home. As the popularity of crown molding has grown, so have the options. There are several companies that offer pre-packaged crown molding made from materials that can actually be cut to size with household scissors. There’s even Styrofoam crown molding made from high-density polyurethane foam that you can install with caulk. Or, you can stick with the more traditional crown molding made from a variety of softwoods such as poplar, pine, spruce and oak.

Install Flooring
Much of today’s new laminate flooring is a DIYer’s dream. It doesn’t require many tools, can be installed quickly and easily because it’s not nailed, screwed or glued down like traditional flooring and is inexpensive — especially when compared to “real” hardwood replacement floors — thanks to tongue-and-groove pieces that simply click or snap together. And for great looks, the new North American Collection from Tarkett Residential offers patterns that include dark wood grains to warm and light tones in a wide assortment of grains and textures. Plus, its new laminate collection provides high durability to better resist scratches and indentations.

Change out Curtains
Curtains serve as the framework for our view to the outside world. Most of us hang curtains when we move into a home or undergo a major redecorating project, and then we tend to forget about them. We don’t realize that changing out curtains can be a cost-effective and relatively “anytime project” that can dramatically transform the appearance of a room. By changing your curtains you can update your style, add visual interest or even create a new focal point in a room. In addition to new curtains, you can create a fun, personalized look by using everyday items as curtain rods. To establish a high-end customized look, spray paint plumber’s PVC pipe and use it as a curtain rod. Or, if you want to bring a bit of the outdoors inside and create a rustic, yet contemporary look, you can use a tree branch as a curtain rod.

Organize Closets
Short on closet space? Most of us are. Winter is a great time to go through your closets, weed out what you don’t wear anymore and get things organized. To keep it clean and clutter-free well into the spring and summer, consider installing a closet organizer system. Today’s closet organizers are versatile and offer adjustable shelves, cabinets, drawers, shoe racks and sliding baskets. With a few tools and a free Sunday afternoon, you can install a closet organizer for all of your clothes, shoes and accessories.

This winter, don’t be lulled into hibernation. Take the time you have indoors and put it to good use. Tackling interior projects will not only keep you busy, but once you’re done it will leave your home looking beautiful for years to come.

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