Home Organization Tips for the New Year

Home Organization Tips for the New Year

(ARA) – “I just need to get organized.” How many times have you heard yourself recite this familiar refrain? With the coming of the New Year, now is a good time to resolve to actually do it. This year, instead of just thinking about ways to get it together, use some simple tips for organizing your home — and your life.

Get in the “Zone.”
Get in the organizing frame of mind by mentally dividing up rooms into various activity zones — this will help you create a basic plan of attack. For example, a kitchen typically has zones for food storage, food preparation and cooking, among others. Identify which zone needs to be organized from scratch, which zone needs an organizational tune-up and which zone, if any, works fine for now. With this information, begin choosing organization solutions.

De-clutter in chunks.
A first solution is to de-clutter the most critical zone. Start with the most visible items first, such as what’s on the countertops. Then go for the contents of that junk drawer, and so on. You’ll get a feeling of instant change and gain motivation to do the next chunk. Stay focused by seeking hidden treasure versus ditching the unwanted.

Divvy it up.
Now that you know what you want to keep and what to toss — at least in one area — consider how to divide it up. Today’s manufacturers are making this task easier by offering a variety of cabinetry products with built-in organization features, such the Diamond (R) Logix (TM) line. For example, if you want easy access cleaning supplies, but don’t want them to share a space with food or dishes, a Utility Cabinet is the perfect solution. At only six inches deep, the cabinet adds storage to an otherwise unused space at the end of a cabinetry run. Its four adjustable shelves allow for storage of cleaners and other small items while the broom holder ensures that brooms and mops stay in place.

Lay out a landing strip.
Designate an official “drop zone” where car keys, cell phones, sunglasses, and more can be placed without creating a pile on the counter. Line up beautiful baskets or colorful pottery to hold these items. Better yet, install a Mini Message Center cabinet. It has a hidden compartment for small items, plus a message board.

Discover drawers.
You’d also be amazed at what you can accomplish with an age-old storage solution that has taken on new organizational dimensions: the drawer. For example, a sink base cabinet is available with tilt down drawers to hold small items like sponges and dish wands; a kitchen/laundry deep drawer cabinet has the ability to hold large bottles upright, including full-sized containers of laundry detergent; and a bathroom vanity cosmetic cabinet is built with a two-tier, segmented drawer to hold makeup and small bathroom essentials. These ingenious drawer configurations can help you keep stored items neat and within easy reach.

Keep business at hand.
A home office, whether it’s a full-sized room or just a corner of a bedroom or den, can quickly disintegrate into a disorganized mess. Organize it with Diamond cabinetry such as solid-wood file drawer, a great help during tax season and throughout the year. For smaller office items, the corner cabinet is a perfect solution. Complete the workspace with a bookshelf to organize journals or photo albums.

Make organization part of your life.
Schedule a time for organizing in your daily routine, such as after the kids get home from school. Just 10 minutes a day can make that disorganized home seem “so last year.”

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