Fireplaces are Heating Up with New Artistic Designs

Fireplaces are Heating Up with New Artistic Designs

(ARA) – Today’s modern fireplaces with stylized flames surrounded by colored glass and shiny metal are worlds away from the traditional brick fireplaces of yesteryear. Modern fireplace design is pushing boundaries with radical ideas that incorporate both function and beauty.

As the focal point of a room, fireplaces are where people gather, relax and enjoy time together. “Today’s contemporary style fireplaces with sleek, vogue designs gather crowds as readily as traditionally-designed fireplaces, except with an artistic allure,” says Dave Miller, Heat & Glo brand manager at Hearth & Home Technologies, the world’s leading fireplace manufacturer. “They are quickly gaining momentum, resembling something you’d see in a fine art museum, rather than a cabin in the woods. The rules have changed.”

Here are the top trends in modern style fireplaces today:

The classic shape of traditional fireplaces gets an update with clever designs that stand out. For example, many European inspired styles are linear in shape, showcasing a panoramic flame pattern. This design trend is similar in proportion to today’s plasma screen TV, theater style. Non-traditional shapes are also hot right now, such as the metal-framed square design of Heat & Glo’s Soho model. These new fireplaces are also being reconfigured in a variety of sizes so they will fit into the smallest of rooms.

Options are boundless when choosing materials to surround modern fireplaces. Think beyond brick and look at choices like black onyx stone, stainless steel and colorful tile. Even the glass fronts are changing and are now available in a variety of colors. They add a new, modish appearance that is attractive whether the fireplace is turned on or off.

Traditional fireplaces rise from the floor, are surrounded by brick or stone and are topped with a mantle. Modern style fireplaces rebel by being placed higher up on the wall, resembling the placement of a piece of art. For example, the Heat & Glo Metro is a see-through model that can be placed at various heights to divide and warm two rooms. Fireplaces are also popping up in unique settings like between floor-to-ceiling columns and as focal points for home theatres and entertainment areas.

Contemporary designs use gas technology in new and exciting ways. Frequently, log elements are not used and the fire emerges from below the frame so you see only the flames. These fire features are custom-created to complement the shape of the fireplace frame, creating real fire art that is captivating. For example, the Cosmo by Heat & Glo is a slender 48-by-18-inch landscape model with ribbons of flame that dance across the entire length of the fireplace box.

With all the benefits of a traditional hearth, these modern style fireplaces express your creativity and are, in essence, functional pieces of art. Whether you want a portrait fireplace in your living room, a small square option for your bedroom, or a see-through model between the kitchen and dining room, you can find the perfect fireplace for every location.

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