Perfect Little Log House

Perfect Little Log House

9076-B600The Little Rustic Ranch House would fit well on your small, wooded lot or on boundless acres of hunting property. Featured in the 1986 Garlinghouse Small Home Plans With Big Home Design Features publication, the plan was marketed at the time as claiming “certain modern touches”- namely, a half-bath in the master bedroom. By today’s standards, of course, nothing but a full bathroom is acceptable for the master suite. However outdated, this “shortcoming” only creates a new way to classify the residence. Once a single family home, now a comfortable camping cottage for the family or a rugged hunting lodge in the wilderness.

When the children return from sledding or wild snow ball fights in January, you will find them in front of the living room mantle, holding their hands up close to the roaring fire. Wood siding, which gives the home that log cabin appearance, is natural insulation during the coldest winter, and a stone foundation provides protection against wet and melting snow in the spring. Summer can be spent with a pair of rocking chairs on the front porch which measures 23 x 7 ¬†feet. At this time of year, those snowballs are traded for pine cones. Teach the kids how to make bird feeders by sticking bird seed to the pine cones with honey and suspending them from the porch rafters. You can watch from the large windows in the living room as the squirrels perform acrobatics and squabble over this unexpected treat. It’s the perfect time and place to turn off the cell phones, computers, tablets and mp3 players and enjoy nature!9076 Floor Plan

Rather than a small camping dinette, this plan offers a 10′ x 11′ kitchen with a breakfast bar and adjoining dining room. Can you hear the bacon sizzling and smell the maple syrup? The kids need fuel for playing in the outdoors, and the hunters need a place to cook up the latest bounty. In all of its modest charm, this older plan offers the respite that so many of us need, maybe without even realizing it. When you tire of the fast-paced, urban lifestyle, there is only one place to go- where the dew sparkles on lush forest glass and a deer looks up at you curiously as you open the front door with that first cup of morning coffee.

Family Home Plan No. 9076 is available in our collection with 1140 square feet of living space, 3 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms. In addition to a hall closet, the basement also provides plenty of storage space.

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