Southern House Plans

Southern House Plans

50062-B600Southern charm- it’s a simple phrase that defines the complex character of an entire culture. For the past four centuries, the fabric of America’s South has been woven together from its rich heritage and fascinating history. It’s been both blessed with prosperity and cursed with an inordinate amount of bloodshed and heartache. Forged from both good times and bad, the South of today reflects a society that is refined and dignified, yet relaxed and hospitable.

For most of us, the phrase “Southern Charm” brings to mind a wide range of picturesque images: sweet tea sipped within the shade of a covered front porch, stately pillars adorning the façade of historic Antebellum mansions, the perfume of Magnolia blossoms in the warm spring breeze, genteel gatherings on elegant sprawling verandas and backyard barbecues beneath moss-shrouded ancient oaks. Whether sophisticated or casual, these reflections of southern culture maintain their lure of undeniable charm.65615-B600

Architecturally speaking, the South is perhaps the most diverse and richly influenced region of the United States. Throughout the years, the design of southern homes has been inspired by classical European elements and equally so by the region’s oppressive summertime climate. The blend of these influences over time has established a veritable garden of design styles, each one distinctly “southern.”

87304-B600It was with the diverse “flavors” of southern architecture that the Family Home Plans book, Home Plans Designed with Southern Charm: Refined Designs of the South was prepared. The book offers a carefully selected collection of over 150 well-appointed home designs, most popular in the South. With a focus toward more affluent lifestyles, the featured designs generally range between 3,000 and 6,000 square feet and offer the accoutrements one would expect to find in higher-end homes. Furthermore, the collection’s larger designs are presented over two pages to help you more easily study the floor plans and special features.92623-B600

In addition to providing a superb selection of refined southern designs, the book will give you reason to pause at several brief vignettes titled “Southern Style,” which we’re placed throughout the pages. These informative presentations offer enlightening insights on a variety of design elements typically associated with southern architecture. Topics include covered porches, Greek pillars, elaborate friezes, grand staircases and more- each with an overview of the design element’s origin, evolution and contribution to the “look” of the South.

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