Tiny House Plans

Tiny House Plans

Though it’s not for everyone, there is a growing trend in America to reject homes with sprawling square footage and open spaces in favor of micro homes. A small footprint and less energy and water consumption, plus the financial benefits make micro homes popular with single individuals that are willing to live in less than 175 square feet. However, suppose you are a family of two or three- you have the same concerns, but a little additional space is more of a necessity than a luxury. Fortunately, we have a compromise: our collection of 162 tiny house plans range from micro size to 750 square feet. With a variety of architectural styles, you are sure to find something that will meet the needs of your family.


At 613 square feet, traditional house plan no. 49824 is decked out with a wrapping porch, 1 bedroom, 1 full bath, laundry closet, kitchen and living room. This attractive design is large enough for a couple. Storage space is available upstairs, and the basement could be finished as well. In comparison, house plan 52785 is similar with its porch wrapped around one corner of the house, but inside, we have three small bedrooms to accommodate the maximum number of people in 660 square feet. Bedrooms are all 8’8″ x 9’2″, and the shared bathroom saves space with a stand-up shower in place of a tub.


Contemporary plan no. 67583 is a modern home designed for property with a view through its glass walls. The floor plan is very open for 688 square feet, and the amenities are minimal with a 24″ range, 15″ under-counter refrigerator and combination washer and dryer. Each bedroom has space for a large bed or a grouping of bunk beds for the kids. The construction of this home is designed to minimize the weight of building materials, allowing for construction in more remote locations.

52810-B600Yes, even a log cabin is a great option for a small family. Plan no. 52810 features over-sized windows facing the kitchen and living room and a loft bedroom upstairs. Practically planned, the bathroom doubles as a laundry room. The homeowner may opt to add a porch for outdoor living space as well.

For those that live by the water, we love the lofty coastal plan no. 96701. Parking space under this 736 square foot house can96701-B600 shelter 2 vehicles, and the smallest room is 12′ x 11′. Tastefully arranged, the bedrooms and bathroom are to the left and the living space to the right. Open the front and back doors to allow the ocean breeze to flow right through the house.

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