Top Home Tech Tools – Energy Edition

Top Home Tech Tools – Energy Edition

Home technology is always moving forward, and new innovations in this space help everyone up the ante when it comes to efficiency, connectivity, and safety around the house. Not only are these new tools and devices encouraging individuals and families to get “smart” with their day-to-day tasks, they’re bringing down long-term costs on a variety of living expenses. Whether you’re looking to save the planet or just save money, a home technology upgrade could be the answer.


Smart Power Strips

Smart power strips are another innovation designed for both commercial and residential use. These power strips are designed to help homeowners save on their electricity by powering down devices that go into standby mode. These plugged in appliances can cause you a 10 percent increase on your electricity bill. Until technology becomes even more accessible, homeowners can benefit from smart power strips by finding new ways to save.


Smart Glass

Smart glass innovations are also making waves in technology news circles. Smart glass windows are constructed with a special type of glass that can change from a clear view to the outside to a tinted, opaque hue with just the push of a button. These technological advancements can help homeowners block out light, glare or heat as desired, increasing comfort and savings in the home. Projected developments believe that the glass may become even more intelligent, functioning like a computer screen with a variety of additional features and options available for homeowners to enjoy.


Solar Panels

Solar panels have come a long way since they were first introduced to residential consumers. Photovoltaic (PV) cells first harness energy from the sun’s rays, helping generate valuable electrical power, then communicate with connected home devices to tell you just how much power you’re using. This technology is more convenient and more affordable than ever before, driving its popularity up around the country. According to Alberta Energy, one of the North America’s largest power providers, the United States currently generates about 1 percent of its overall electrical energy from solar power – but this figure is destined to rise as energy storage technologies keep pace alongside.


Smart Lighting

With so many smaller management systems connected to the smart home, it should come as no surprise that smart lighting systems are one of the most important additions to include in a residential configuration. Smart lighting systems provide homeowners with a variety of lighting options based on how they feel. They can adjust the degree of light entering the room, and some systems can even allow homeowners to change the colors displayed on the light bulb. These bulbs are either operated by a remote control, or they hook up directly to a central system for a greater degree of control.


Smart Switches

Smart wall switches are simple to install and begin implementing efficiency at the on/off stage. These switches provide users with all of the benefits of managed switches without any of the additional costs or complex details. By using a smart switch, anybody can monitor their ports, prioritize their connections and operate trunks, all based on a user-friendly interface. These switches are highly advantageous for those who are interested in optimizing the way they transfer data. With further innovations, users can look forward to additional benefits, including better functionality for those who work at home.

Homes are getting smarter every year, as consumers demand better prices and stronger software to help manage their day-to-day needs. Who knows how residential technology systems will look in the next few years? Stay tuned to find out.


Contributing Author: Beth Lisanne is a freelance blogger and researcher. In her free time, she likes fixing old cameras and learning to speak new languages. She was born and raised in Michigan but now resides in Chicago, IL.


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