How To Properly Decorate Your New Home

How To Properly Decorate Your New Home

You’ve just built or bought a new home, and you’re ready to move in and start decorating. The problem is, you’re not sure how the pros do it. Fortunately, it’s not nearly as difficult as it sounds to decorate like a professional interior designer. Here are the essentials you’ll need to know in order to decorate your new home the right way.


  1. Get to Know Your Preferences

This sounds easy, right? Just choose the design styles that you like best. Except, choosing a design is not that simple. In reality, you need to select decor that looks great and serves the needs of your lifestyle.

Think about it this way: Would you prefer antique curios so that you can display treasured family heirlooms, or would you rather have modern shelving that lets you display your collection of books? Choosing a design style that works with your lifestyle means that you’ll always have a place to store and display the belongings that are most important to you.

Also think about maintenance. If you don’t mind spending more time cleaning, then you probably won’t mind ornate furniture that is more difficult to clean. However, if you have less time for chores, you’ll be happy with lots of flat surfaces and easy-to-clean finishes. Pet owners won’t appreciate cats and dogs scratching a leather sofa. The list goes on, but the point is: Be sure to pick a style that you can comfortably maintain.


  1. Don’t be Afraid of Color

When it comes to non-neutral colors, many would-be decorators are hesitant to try bold colors. Conventional wisdom is that it’s hard to go wrong with neutral colors, but in actuality, that road often leads to bland decor.

There are lots of ways to experiment with color. If you’re feeling daring, try accent walls — and keep in mind that it is inexpensive to paint over an accent wall you don’t like. Other, less-risky options include adding color through textiles, ornaments and artwork. Colorful curtains, throw pillows, wall hangings and decor items are easily replaceable if you’re not fond of the final look.

As to which colors you should choose, that all comes down to personal preference. Some people love opposing colors, like blue and orange. Others prefer warm, cool or complementary colors. You could even choose to expand on an existing color. For instance, if your sofa or carpet has flecks of green, this can be enhanced with green pillows, curtains and more.


  1. Pay Attention to Finishing Touches

Attention to detail is key when it comes to interior design. Even if you’ve chosen the perfect colors and the right furniture, your decor choices can still be undermined without the right finishing touches. One example is curtains: Without valences or sashes, your window treatments might look unfinished.

The same is true of your decor. A room with brand-new furniture might look sterile or fake without the addition of a couple of antiques. Even simple touches, like vintage vases or artwork, help give an interior space just enough of a lived-in look to make the room feel inviting.

Your television is another example. Most people simply mount their TV on a wall or inside an entertainment center and they’re done. The problem is that modern flat-panel TV sets are designed to look similar to framed pictures. As we all know, a picture without its frame looks incomplete. One way to get around this incomplete look is to hire a professional to frame your TV. Not only does this give your living room a finished look, but it allows you to use your TV as a beautiful digital art display when you’re not watching your favorite shows.

These three tips are the major keys to success when it comes to your new interior design. Above all else, don’t hesitate to experiment, particularly when it comes to elements that are easy to change, such as paint or decorative accents.



Kristin Belt is a co-owner of Austin FastFrame with her husband Steve, and she has a great amount of experience in the home décor realm. Kristin has almost a decade of experience in the framing industry, assisting clients with custom frames to suit their rooms in the Austin metro region. Austin FastFrame offers framing solutions for TV, plaque mounting, poster framing, fine art, custom frames, and much more!

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