How To Make Your TV Sound Great

How To Make Your TV Sound Great

If you’re building a new home, you’ve probably already put a lot of thought into your new living room or media room. However, building a new home is a great opportunity to take advantage of the latest TV technology. You can create a home entertainment system that comes close to duplicating the movie theater experience in your own home.

You might already be picturing those family movie nights: Everyone gathers in front of the big-screen HDTV with a bowl of popcorn to enjoy the latest giant-robots-versus-dinosaurs-from-space epic with definition so high you can count the scales on each one of those space dinosaurs. Or, maybe you’re already thinking ahead to next year’s big football game: having all of your friends over to watch it with a picture so sharp, you can see the individual blades of grass in the end zone brush against the ball as it crosses the goal line for the winning touchdown. Perhaps you’re looking forward to watching your favorite primetime drama on a screen so large you can see the actress’s tear ducts begin to well up during her big scene.

Today’s HDTV manufacturers have invested a lot of technology into delivering the highest-quality picture possible. However, today’s televisions do not offer the same level of attention when it comes to sound. The speakers built into modern HDTVs are, to put it diplomatically, adequate. You’ll be able to hear everything through the speakers that are built into your new HDTV. Yet hearing something and experiencing it are two different things. Your new home theater setup deserves something more than merely adequate sound.

Boosting the audio side of your new home theater setup means you will need to look into purchasing an audio system to complement your TV. Although you may be tempted to break the bank and buy the system that comes with the most speakers, that might not be necessary. It depends on the space you have in your new living room or media room. The guide below outlines some of the options you have in choosing a new sound system to complete your home entertainment system.

With the help of a qualified home theater installation professional, now is the time to determine the setup that will be right for you and your new home:


  • Sound Bars — For smaller rooms, a relatively inexpensive sound bar might be your best option. Sound bars can provide room-filling sound that’s miles beyond what your TV’s built-in speakers can manage. Plus, they don’t require extensive wiring or installation.


  • 2.1 Systems — These systems feature two speakers and a subwoofer. Although they’re a step up from a sound bar, they’re still not powerful enough to fill a large room. Additionally, you’ll miss out on surround sound effects.


  • 5.1 Systems — This is one of the most common home theater configurations, featuring speakers that are installed in the back of the room for immersive surround sound effects. If you have a medium-sized room to fill, this may be your best bet. A professional installer can install the system so you don’t have to see any wires running along your baseboards or dangling from your TV.


  • 7.1 Systems — This type of system adds two more speakers for even more coverage and greater atmospheric surround sound effects. This is a great option for large rooms or for home theater setups that emphasize movie-theater-quality sound.


  • Existing Home Stereo — If you’re bringing an extensive, high-end home stereo system with you to your new home, you may not need to purchase much else for your home theater setup. However, consult with a home theater installation professional to make sure that what you have will be sufficient for your living room or media room.


  • Component Systems — For those who want the most customization and flexibility, component systems are the way to go. These systems allow you to create a personalized home theater setup that perfectly matches your space and your needs. Again, working with a qualified home theater installation professional will ensure that your component system is installed to provide optimal performance for your space; creating a clean, uncluttered look in your new home.


Television has come a long way. Though in the race to create the most lifelike picture, the audio element of the experience has been left by the wayside by many manufacturers. In order to get the most out of your new home’s entertainment system, you’ll need the right sound system to complete the experience.


Author bio: Paul Theriault is the founder and owner of Acoustical Vision, a home theater and home automation installation company in Chicago, IL. Paul has been in the electronic and home comfort business for almost a decade and prides himself on using top of the line equipment in his installs.

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