New Modern House Plan with Home Office

New Modern House Plan with Home Office

Modern House Plan 70827 is a new design with over 8,000 square feet of living space! The main floor has a lofty appearance as the rooms “float” above the ground. Floor to ceiling windows take up most of the exterior.

The ground level is full of spaces for storing your favorite vehicles, and it can be easily secured with optional roll-down doors over all openings. A restroom/shower room serves as a pool house.

There are several options to reach the main level. A rear staircase and commercial elevator are convenient for family members who have used the garages for parking.

If you are running a home business, clients will enter the reception area on the ground level where they have access to a second commercial elevator or staircase. These will land right outside of your office and library. Both rooms are situated far from the living space to help you focus on clients and important projects during work hours. Floor to ceiling windows will transport you from home to a high rise in the city.

The guest bathroom is uniquely designed with a men and womens’ restroom, each having two stalls. Your home is ready for large business meetings—not just one or two visitors at a time.

At the close of your workday, you are no longer facing a commute. Simply step through the thresh hold, and you are home. One step down leads to the living room. A wood-burning fireplace blends modern styling with traditional and genuine warmth.

The amazing kitchen is designed for entertaining and lots of cooking. It has a separate pantry with refrigerator, freezer and shelving. In the kitchen is a full catering storage area for storing large items. The three counters cover under-cabinet refrigerators, with easy access from the 60″ Galley Sink and 60″ Viking gas range. This kitchen is ready for the biggest of events or a casual meal with your family.

The master suite allows space for a sitting area, home office, and even includes a private dining area for two with a fireplace. Exercising space is adjacent the large laundry and close to the additional three bedroom suites.

The standard version of this plan is designed with a poured concrete slab with 12″ concrete block walls on the first level. The main floor system is steel beams and pre-engineered wood trusses. The exterior walls are 2×6 wood frame. The roof is standing seam metal over plywood deck, and pre-engineered wood trusses at 2:12. The exterior is finished with stone, metal panels and wood siding.

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