How to Design a Home Gym

How to Design a Home Gym

A home gym offers affordability, convenience, flexibility, and reassurance to many consumers. Working out at a typical gym can pose unique struggles for many people. Exercising around others in crowded gyms can be intimidating, frustrating and expensive, especially if one is inexperienced or new to the gym. Finding the time to leave home and family to workout creates problems for some fitness beginners and enthusiasts. A perfect solution to many of these difficulties is a well-designed home gym. This will not only encourage you to workout but will also maximize your time, effort and money. Building a home gym doesn’t have to be expensive or involve a lot of construction. There are many creative ways to establish a workout place at home that will keep you fit and motivated. Consider some of these design aspects as you plan out your space. 

Invest in Quality Dumbbells

Consider comfort, training goals and personal desires when selecting home gym equipment. Dumbbells are adaptable, easy to use, relatively inexpensive and require very little space. A good set of dumbbells is at the very center of weight loss, body sculpting, strength training and muscle gain. Invest in a pair of dumbbells as light as 5 lbs. and as heavy as 20 lbs., depending on your current strength level. Investing in good dumbbells means you can do a variety of exercises and tone up. Think about purchasing dumbbells that are hexagonal in shape, rubber coated and with an adjustable weight system that aids in fitness progression.

Equipment for Bodyweight Exercises

What ramps up exercise motivation and success? Plan ahead and gather all of the things you may need to ensure a solid workout with minimal distractions. Yoga mats, blocks, towels, medicine balls, and resistance bands are all effective ways to help create a great space for exercising. Adding in a few kettlebells and other small pieces of equipment, provides the benefit of variety.

Have Enough Space For Everything

When trying to plan out a home gym, pick the biggest room/space you can spare. A separate room designated as a home gym is often the most preferred option, but turning any room, or part of a room, into a home gym can give you the same results. Having enough space for a home gym could be as simple as turning your garage, part of an office, or an unused shed, basement or bedroom into a place where you can workout. Pattern your home gym after other places like hotels that have gyms in very limited spaces. Even better, look at ships that have gyms used for long periods of time, such as those bound for transatlantic cruise destinations, because these have people on board for a long time and thus are built for a continual good workouts in small spaces and should be a good model for your gym.

Full-length Mirror

Adding a full-length mirror to a home gym is a great way to help enhance motivation while lowering the risk of injury. A full-length mirror is a constant form of feedback. When you have that solid reflection showing you your body, it’ll keep you motivated to workout. Make sure the mirror is large enough that you can see your entire body while working out. Also ensure the mirror is hung on a prominent wall and not just leaning against the wall. Your mirror is going to help create that unique experience of being at a gym.


Flooring can make a big difference in creating a home-gym. Most people tend to ignore the importance of having a good floor to workout on. A solid rubber floor with good thickness allows for more movement so that you can workout stronger and not worry about your feet being in pain. A good floor also helps reduce injuries if you’re doing some heavy lifting.

All-In-One Machine

Designing a home gym means saving money and space. If you want to lift some weights, consider investing in a machine that has multiple workouts and exercises in one machine. Not only will this save money, but you will have access to a wide variety of exercises in a single machine. An all-in-one machine should have a bare minimum of about four or five different exercises you can do on them. Results are achieved faster and more pronounced if weight training is added. A great way to weight train in home gyms is with all-in-one machine They can be cost effective and help in small spaces.

Get Creative With Design

Get creative about your home gym, but keep it simple. Prioritize your favorite items. Consider adding a television, sound system, light and bright walls or decorations to make it more exciting. Invest in anything that will make the home gym more enticing to workout in. A home gym is going to save you money and give you the chance to exercise whenever you please. Consider the tips above so you can design a gym that fits within your budget and inspires you to exercise.

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