A Guide to 4-Bedroom House Plans

A Guide to 4-Bedroom House Plans

4 Bedroom House Plans

A four-bedroom home is an ideal space for your family and guests. Use our advanced floor plan search to discover a four-bedroom house plan for your family. You can choose from more than 9,000 four-bedroom home plans that can suit your preferences and needs, with flexible options for square footage, number of bathrooms and more.

Common Features of 4-Bedroom House Floor Plans

A four-bedroom house plan offers plenty of flexible design options, with room in your living space to make your family and guests feel welcome. Consider these features as you plan the style of your four-bedroom living space:

  • Four bedrooms: Four-bedroom house plans feature four separate living areas within the building, complete with a door, window and closet in each room.
  • One or two bathrooms: Most four-bedroom house plans come standard with one or two bathrooms, one for each level of the property. You could add on a full or half bath based on the number of stories and guest bedrooms you have.
  • At least four closets: With a closet in each room, as well as broom and utility closets in the hallways, you’ll have more storage space throughout the home.
  • Single level or two-story: Four-bedroom house plans are usually two stories, but you could make it a one-level or a three-story home depending on your desired layout.
  • Room additions: Some four-bedroom house designs feature bonus rooms for more living space throughout the home. You can use this space as a private in-law suite or a second master bedroom.
  • Finished basements: All the floor plans we offer come with the option to build on a basement, crawl space or slab. If you decide to construct the home over a basement, get it finished to have an additional living area in your property.
  • Spacious kitchen: With a four-bedroom home, you have the space for a large gourmet kitchen. Choose an open concept layout to have your kitchen near the dining room and make hosting dinner parties easier.
  • Outdoor living spaces: The floor plans with four bedrooms that we offer provide porches in the front and backyard of your living space.

5 Benefits of a 4-Bedroom House

With a four-bedroom home plan, you are in control of the square footage and number of bathrooms you need. Here are some of the reasons why homeowners choose to design their properties with four bedrooms.

1. You Have Enough Rooms for Your Family

Whether you’re just starting your family or you have a couple of kids, you’ll have enough room for everyone you love under your roof. If you have a smaller family, each of your children can have a place for themselves in a four-bedroom house. Whether you’re newlyweds or first-time homeowners, you can imagine raising your family in this house with plenty of space to grow.

2. You Have Space for Your Guests

You Have Space for Your Guests

A house with four bedrooms gives you a place to host out-of-town visitors. If your kids are older and living on their own, the additional bedrooms could serve as a place for them to stay when they visit. Your grandchildren could spend the night with you in an area all to themselves.

Besides having bedrooms for your guests to sleep, you also have more space throughout your property to entertain short-term guests. The rooms in your property allow you to invite your friends over for dinner or a game night. An open floor plan creates a smooth flow for the party as you transition from the kitchen to the dining area and into the great room.

3. You Have a Room for Flex Space

A four-bedroom house prepares you for the future while giving you the space you need right now. In the coming decades, you may need to take in an aging relative, or you may decide you want to work from home. Your four-bedroom property gives you the flexibility to have enough room for your family, along with the other needs that might arise over the years.

Couples who are thinking about starting a family can design their property with their future in mind. When you don’t need all four bedrooms for sleeping, be creative as you figure out ways to use the extra space. You could make a room dedicated to your hobbies and needs to enrich the value of your property.

4. You Have Flexible Design Options

You could create a four-bedroom home with different configurations based on your family’s needs and style preferences. Four-bedroom house plans with one story make the most of your lot size and create comfortable spaces for elderly parents who may have trouble climbing up the stairs. Two-story homes give you privacy on the second level, as well as amenities on the first floor.

With the flexible design that comes with four-bedroom houses, you could put an ensuite bathroom off the master bedroom or have your family share one. Include a guest bathroom off one of the bedrooms to give your out-of-state guests a separate place to get ready in the morning.

5. You Make the Most Out of Less Space

Rather than having six or seven bedrooms, four bedrooms is plenty of space for your family to grow. Even if you don’t have a large lot size, you could make a house with four bedrooms on your property and still enjoy all the advantages of a cozy dwelling. A small house is a smart investment because:

  • It saves you money: Besides saving money on your utility bill to provide energy for less square footage, you also save money on all the possessions you would usually buy to fill a larger living space.
  • It’s easier to clean: If you have less space to clean, you can spend your free time doing what you enjoy.
  • It draws you closer as a family: A smaller home encourages you to interact with your family members and guests instead of hiding away in your own space.
  • It makes you live more simply: Your cozy house allows you to be more selective about what you put in it, which helps you appreciate the few possessions that you have.
  • It’s easier to customize: Owning a smaller home allows you to furnish and renovate your space more efficiently.

3 Examples of 4-Bedroom House Plans

You can adjust the filters on our search options to find your dream home. All the floor plans we offer can be customized to fit your design preferences and family needs. To get some inspiration for four-bedroom house designs, here are some ideas to consider.

1. Simple 4-Bedroom House Plans

modern farmhouse with an open floor plan inside and a welcoming front porch outside provides plenty of space for you and your family. This plan includes more than 4,700 square feet, four bedrooms, two full bathrooms and one half bath, along with a two-car garage. The master bedroom has an ensuite bathroom and a spacious walk-in closet.

After you pass the front porch, the door opens into a foyer, which pours into the great room, dining room and kitchen. All four bedrooms are on the main floor, and you have the option to include a second floor with a bonus room for playing games or hosting guests. There’s also a rear porch in the backyard for outdoor entertainment.

2. 4-Bedroom House Plans Single Story

traditional one-story house in a country Craftsman-style features a symmetrical facade with a wide front porch. This plan has a total of 3,076 square feet on the main level. Along with four bedrooms, this standard floor plan features three full baths, one half bath and a two-car garage. The master bedroom has a separate wing, with a large ensuite bathroom and a walk-in closet.

As you walk through the property, a front porch opens up into a foyer that leads into a dining room as the focal point of the house. The kitchen is to the left, sharing a wall with the garage and the master wing. This four-bedroom house plan includes a separate room dedicated to office space, providing the ideal layout for a large family or out-of-state guests.

3. Small 4-Bedroom House Plans

Small 4 Bedroom House Plans

smaller floor plan adds interest by placing the garage and master suite at an angle to the rest of the house. This Tuscan-themed home features a modest 2,482 total square feet and emphasizes the outdoor living space of the house, including a lanai, a trellis and an optional hot tub. Inside the home, you’ll find four bedrooms, three full baths and one half bath, along with a two-car garage.

After walking into the foyer, you have an option to walk through to the study, the dining room, the family room or upstairs to the bonus room. The family room is right off the kitchen, and there is a Jack and Jill bathroom that two bedrooms share.

4-Bedroom House FAQ

A four-bedroom house is a smart investment for your changing and growing family, especially when you design it yourself. Here are some of the answers to the questions you may have about building your own home.

1. What Are Some Creative Ways to Use an Extra Bedroom?

If you don’t need all four bedrooms, you could transform one of the bedrooms into a flexible living space. Here are some creative ways to use an extra bedroom:

  • Guest room: If you have out-of-town family and friends or you have older kids who have moved out, create a guest space in your home.
  • Retreat: You could make a place to sneak away and escape the busyness of the day with a cup of tea or coffee.
  • Media room: Set up a TV and decorate with cozy furniture to make a place for the family to unwind.
  • Game room: Besides having a media room, you could also install a pool table or a place to play a board game.
  • Library: If your ideal place to relax is in the library, install wall-to-wall bookshelves and comfortable seating in your extra bedroom.
  • Home gym: Set up some of your favorite workout equipment for an efficient place to complete your morning exercise routine.
  • Bar: If you like to host all the parties in your friend group, install a small sink and a refrigerator to create a bar.
  • Home office: You could set up a desk, bookshelf and ergonomic chair to make working from home more accessible.

2. Is It Better to Build a New House or to Buy?

When choosing whether to build a new house or to buy, consider your timeline and your unique family situation. While purchasing a new home is more convenient, creating a new one gives you the freedom to make your living space what you want it to be.

Potential homeowners choose to build a brand-new house to create a house that integrates their family’s needs and style preferences. No matter how hard you search on the market, you’ll never find your dream home unless you build it yourself. Some of the other advantages of building a new property include:

  • Newer materials: Since you built the house yourself, you know that your home will contain the most reliable materials available. You know how long each part of the house will last, and you may even save money with warranties and rebates from new appliances.
  • Energy efficiency: Your new home contains the most energy-efficient materials and equipment. Save money on your energy bill each month as you invest in more modern, reliable appliances to power your property.
  • Owning a new property: When you build a house for your family, you know the story behind your dwelling. Instead of moving into a home that has been owned by multiple people, you can make memories with your loved ones in this brand-new house.
Is It Better to Build a New House Or to Buy

3. Do You Need Blueprints to Build a House?

You need blueprints to obtain the proper permits to build a house. House plans will help you and the contractors know the layout of your living space. The home plans you receive in print or digital form include:

  • Drawings of the exterior of the home.
  • The layout of the interior and exterior of the house.
  • The materials and specifications needed for the structure of your home.
  • An illustration of the relationship between the different levels and areas of the building.
  • A bird’s eye view of the home.
  • Notes outlining the compliance with local and federal building codes.

4. How Many Sets of Blueprints Are Needed to Build a House?

Everyone working on your house needs a copy of the blueprints, including you, the builder, the contractor, the lender and the building department. Typically, you would need five sets of designs to build the home. Buying a PDF or CAD file of your floor plans allows you to print copies or send it to those who need it.

Browse Our 4-Bedroom House Designs

Family Home Plans provides a wide variety of designs that are available through our user-friendly search engine. On our website, you can easily access a broad selection of home plans to find your dream home. If you don’t see a home plan that works for you, we will also customize our designs to fit your specific preferences and family situations.

At Family Home Plans, we offer cost-effective rates that beat the price of any competitor. You’ll save money and stress by ordering one of our floor plans instead of hiring an architect or drawing up the blueprints yourself. Browse our inventory and contact us if you have any questions.

Browse Our 4 Bedroom House Designs

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