5 Unique Features of Mansion Floor Plans

Unique Features of Mansion Floor Plans

5 Unique Features of Mansion Floor Plans

Features of Mansion Floor Plans

Mansion homes are the next step up from luxury homes, providing even more opulence and splendor. Celebrities often boast of their mansions’ splendor, but the lifestyle that comes with luxury mansions doesn’t need to be limited to the famous. Using mansion house plans, you can step into the world of opulence and curate it to satisfy your specific wants and needs. 

But before deciding whether to consider European or Victorian mansion floor plans, make sure you know the difference between a mansion and a luxury home.

What Is a Mansion?

Most real estate agents agree that the difference between a big house and a mansion is the square footage. Homes are considered to be mansions if they are bigger than 8,000 square feet, but the house’s size alone isn’t what makes it a mansion. The home’s indoor and outdoor features, such as home movie theaters, bowling alleys or infinity pools, take it from being a large house to a mansion.

The home itself differs from others because it’s built using the highest-quality materials. Mansion floor plans are often custom made by an architect, making the home unique. Mansion houses can be customized, even if they’re built using pre-made floor plans, and it’s the customization that can take your home from ordinary to extraordinary.

The neighborhood in which you build your home also plays a part in whether it can be considered a mansion or a luxury home. A region with lots of unimpressive but large houses likely won’t be considered a neighborhood of mansions. However, one distinct, eye-catching home on a residential street with smaller bungalows or townhouses could be regarded as a mansion within the neighborhood’s context.

Ultimately, these are all rough estimates, and the definition of a mansion falls on the homeowners themselves. Some people consider a small bungalow with the basic amenities to be a mansion because it’s all they need to feel luxurious and opulent. Meanwhile, others want a lavish home with multiple rooms and features to satisfy every whim.

Typical Amenities of Mansions

One of the main perks of a mansion is its features. It’s simplistic to say mansions have numerous rooms when those rooms can be used for many purposes. Aside from bedrooms and living areas, mansions afford you the space to add extra amenities to enrich your lifestyle. 

Indoor/Outdoor Pools

Whether indoor or outdoor — or both! — mansions have the space to house pools, allowing you to stay fit by swimming laps every day or just lounge and enjoy the water after a long day. Mansion pools can be designed to suit the homeowner’s needs. 

Indoor pools can be built as part of a home gym, or they can exist as a separate area altogether, featuring glass walls to let natural light in so it feels like a sunny summer day even in the dead of winter. Outdoor pools can be architecturally unique, such as infinity pools, or feature temperature controls for year-round swimming. 

Home Gyms

Luxury mansion owners don’t need to worry about waking up early to hit the gym before the morning rush or fretting about how to fit a stationary bike in a small space. Home gyms are a common feature in luxury homes and mansions, and they are designed to replicate commercial gyms on a smaller, more personalized scale. You can stock them with all the equipment you need. They can also take the form of alternative exercise rooms, such as dance studios or meditation rooms. 

Home gym

Saunas are also an option, making an excellent addition to any home gym. These heated rooms allow you to relax your body after a strenuous workout.

Spa Bathrooms

Depending on the types of mansion floor plans used, the bathrooms — especially in the main suite — can be elaborate spaces that offer just as much rest and relaxation as the bedrooms. With spa-like features, including spa tubs, rainfall showers and even heated floors, mansions provide the space needed to make your personal bathroom feel like every day is a spa day.

Entertainment Rooms

Recreation takes on a whole new meaning when you’ve got a mansion to customize, and entertainment and game rooms are a popular option. While some opt for a few table games or video game consoles, others go all out and create an in-home movie theater, complete with a large screen and reclined seating.

Bowling alleys are also becoming more common for luxury homeowners — as are indoor and outdoor basketball courts.

Walk-In Closets

Closet space doesn’t need to be a concern, thanks to the spacious walk-in closets that most mansion house floor plans already include. Often, these spaces serve as dressing areas as well. This room structure creates a space separate from your sleeping quarters in which to store your clothes and accessories and get dressed. This organized setup keeps any potential mess of rejected outfits off your bed.

5 Unique Amenities in Mansion Floor Plans

Unique Amenities in Mansion Floor Plans

Mansion floor plans allow the homeowner to choose what’s a priority for them. Some people value outdoor living as much as indoor, while others need the main suite to be on the first floor. Whatever you need or desire, there are mansion floor plans that will fit it. Some other examples of floor plan features include:

  • Multiple rooms: With a giant home, sometimes just one type of room isn’t enough. There are multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, but often there’s only one kitchen and one main suite. Mansions allow you to have multiple kitchens and main suites in addition to your bedrooms and bathrooms. Having a kitchen on each floor of an 8,000-square-foot home can make things a lot more convenient for everyone.
  • Outdoor living: If you love being outdoors but also value your privacy, mansions are the answer. With lots of outdoor space on your private property, you can easily blend indoor and outdoor living with porches, verandahs, patios and decks.
  • Lavish bathrooms: We already talked about the spa bathrooms common to mansions, but this only touches on a few of the possibilities. Lavish bathrooms customized to the users’ desires can include multiple tubs, whirlpools, custom showers and custom toilets.
  • Sports courts: If a simple home gym isn’t enough, many mansions have room for indoor sports courts for all sports, ranging from basketball to tennis and racquetball. This recreational area can serve as a lavish space to play for both children and adults alike, eliminating the necessity of sharing public courts.
  • In-home elevators: Many mansions consist of multiple floors, making staircases a necessity. For those who have trouble with stairs, mansions have the space needed to build an in-home elevator. This is especially beneficial for those who want to age in place. With main suites on the ground floor and elevators to the upper and lower levels, mansions give more freedom, regardless of a person’s physical limitations.

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