A Guide to Detached Garage Plans

A Guide to Detached Garage Plans

A Guide to Detached Garage Plans

A detached garage is a separate building where you can store your vehicles and other bulky valuables. Instead of having an attached garage that takes up space in your house, you can set up a detached unit anywhere you have room on your lot. Besides storing your cars, you can also use it for other purposes, such as an office or playroom.

At Family Home Plans, we offer more than a thousand detached garage plans on our site to help you find one that works for your lifestyle. This guide can help you figure out what type of detached garage to get and how you can use this piece of property to enhance your daily routine.

Types of Detached Garage Plans

Explore the various garages featured on our site:

  • One-car detached garage plans: A simple one-car detached garage is all the space you need to protect your vehicle from the elements. Since our plans come in various architectural styles, you can choose a plan that complements your home.
  • Two-car detached garage plans: A two-car detached garage provides additional space for another vehicle to stay safe against harsh weather conditions. This spacious building can also give you more room for a half bath, storage or flex space.
  • Three-car detached garage plans: With a three-car detached garage, you may either have three one-car garage bays or a single-car garage bay and a two-car garage bay, according to your design preferences. Taller bays are better for oversized vehicles like SUVs or trucks, and some can even fit boats.
  • Four-or-more-car detached garage plans: Depending on how many cars you have, you may need four garage bays. We also offer five-car garages and plans with six garage bays. If you include an additional floor on top of the garage, you’ll have plenty of space to create an apartment or flex space for your family.
  • One-story detached garage plans: A one-story detached garage includes all the room you need on one level. Instead of having to climb upstairs, you can walk out of your car and access your storage or flex space.
  • Two-story detached garage plans: If you need extra space for an apartment, storage or art studio, consider building a two-story detached garage. You can access the second floor with traditional or pull-down stairs. These floor plans are suitable for a property on a narrow lot that doesn’t give you the space to expand outward.

5 Benefits of a Detached Garage

List of benefits of a detached garage

Consider some of the ways that a detached garage can enhance your lifestyle.

  1. Complements any architectural style: Since you’re going to construct this building near your house, a detached garage should blend in with your current aesthetic to enhance the curb appeal. We offer several types of traditional and modern detached garage plans with customizable siding, decorative elements, roof gables and windows to go along with your home’s design. You may have a historic Colonial or a contemporary Craftsman house. Either way, you can find a detached garage that complements your house’s architectural theme to complete your property’s look.
  2. Keeps you safe from harmful gases: If you store your car, farming or garden equipment in your garage, you may have toxic chemicals on your property. Your vehicle also produces carbon monoxide after you use it. When stored and handled correctly, these chemicals and gases won’t harm you or your living space. However, if they’ve leaked onto the floor or into the air, they might emit hazardous fumes. Since a detached garage is far away from your house, you can be confident that your indoor air is safe.
  3. Enhances your home’s security: The doors to an attached garage provide additional entry points into your living space. As a result, you could be more vulnerable to thieves. On the other hand, a detached garage doesn’t give intruders access to your house. If the only entrances are windows and doors, you’re less likely to have someone break into your home.
  4. Reduces noise from the house: You might use your garage to escape from the chaos inside your home. A detached garage is completely separate from the main living area. Since it’s usually across the driveway or in a similar location, so you don’t have to hear the distractions and noise from the house. You can also listen to music or use your power tools without disturbing your family.
  5. Saves space in your home: Attached garages often take up most of the façade of your dwelling’s exterior. You may not be able to have an attached garage because your lot is an unusual size or shape. On the other hand, a detached garage can go on a separate part of your property to fit in a unique space. If you’d prefer to use more of your home for living or entertainment, a detached garage might be a better option for you.
  6. Provides more room for expansion: Besides having enough storage for your cars, you can also build a detached garage with space to keep other valuables. You can find a garage with an apartment or loft to provide a place for guests. As your family grows and changes, you can conveniently expand your detached garage instead of having to reconfigure your whole house.

11 Uses for Your Detached Garage

Uses for a detached garage

If you’d like to have more space for entertaining guests or participating in your favorite hobby, check out our detached garage plans with a bonus room. A flex space can change over time, giving you a room to use for different purposes as your family grows and changes over the years. Here are some ways you can use it:

  1. Media room: A modern media room can provide a comfortable place to watch movies, play video games or binge your favorite TV show. With a spacious detached garage, you can host fun evenings for your friends and family. You can install reclining seating, a sound system and a large screen to give you the feeling like you’re at the movie theater. Since you’re not in your home, you can turn up the sound as loud as you want without disturbing the rest of the house.
  2. Office: If you work from home, you can create a private office in your detached garage. It’s close to your house, so you don’t have to deal with the morning commute. At the same time, it gives you the privacy you need to get your work done. Design your garage with a comfortable chair, spacious desk and cabinets for all the papers and supplies you’ll need to store for your job.
  3. Garden center: You can make your detached garage into a place where you store your garden supplies and tools or create a greenhouse. Install wall hooks for storing clippers, shovels, rakes and other garden equipment. You can also set up a table in the corner for potted plants and shelves for starting seedlings. To establish a healthy environment for your plants all year long, you may also want to set up grow lamps.
  4. Workshop: Typically, a detached garage plan with a workshop features one story for parking your vehicles and extra space for setting up your shop. You might enjoy taking part in home improvement projects, woodworking or making crafts. A workshop gives you plenty of space to install a gardening table, workbench, counter or other surfaces to work with your hands.
  5. Playroom: If your family has a busy, active lifestyle, you may want to turn your detached garage into a playroom for the kids. Set up wide tables and comfortable chairs with puzzles and games on them for a fun activity center. Your kids can spend time with their friends in a separate space, giving them privacy and permission to make as much noise as they want. It’s also close enough to the house where you can keep an eye on them.
  6. Personal escape: You might use your detached garage to find solace from the stress inside your house. This configuration gives you the freedom to design it in a way that relaxes you. Set up a large-screen TV for watching the game or a soft plush couch curling up with your favorite book. You can also entertain your friends without disturbing the people in your house. If you get a detached garage plan with a porch, you can host outdoor cookouts over the summer.
  7. Storage space: A detached garage plan with a loft offers additional storage space for your other valuables. You can access the upstairs loft with a standard staircase or pull-down stairs. This space is usually unfinished. It provides the same amount of storage space that you’d expect to find in an attic or basement. Storing your items in the garage gives you more room in your house.
  8. Boat or trailer storage: A detached garage with a carport features a free-standing garage with a carport attached on the side. This configuration leaves an enclosed area for vehicle storage and a covered place to park your boat or trailer. You could also use it to store bulky items that may be difficult to store in a barn or garage but need some protection against the outdoor weather elements. If you don’t need the storage space, you could also use the carport as a porch.
  9. Art studio: A detached garage is a perfect place to set up an art studio to draw, paint, or make something with your hands. You’ll have all the privacy you need to find your inspiration without any distractions, and you can install plenty of storage for your art supplies. Decorate the walls with your previous masterpieces, and hang up shelves or cabinets to hold all your equipment. Since the garage probably has a concrete floor, you can paint and sculpt without worrying about damaging it.
  10. Guest bedroom: Consider turning your detached garage into a separate living area for overnight guests. You can comfortably host your guests while maintaining your family’s privacy. The garage is also close enough to the home that they still feel welcome on your property. If you have a large detached garage, you may even want to put in a small bathroom and a kitchen.
  11. Exercise room: Instead of driving to the gym, you can transform your detached garage into your workout studio. Having a home gym helps you incorporate healthy habits into your routine and gives you enough energy for the rest of the day. You can set up various cardio machines and dumbbells to fit in your exercise routine. If you’d prefer to have a more relaxing workout, you can also put a yoga mat, dance bar or mirrors. You may want to set up music and a large-screen TV to motivate you to complete your daily workout.

Detached Garage Plan FAQs

If you’re still unsure whether a detached garage is a suitable option for your property, consider some of these frequently asked questions about these floor plans.

1. What Zoning Requirements Affect Detached Garages?

Zoning requirements of a detached garage

The zoning requirements for a detached garage depend on the regulations in your local area. The floor plans we offer are drawn to the national building codes when the designer drew them. However, local codes may be different from national building codes. Consult your contractor about what permits you’ll need.

To get your detached garage approved, you and your contractor will have to figure out its distance from your property lines. The walls should also be fire-rated to prevent a fire from entering or escaping your property. You may want to turn your detached garage into an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). In that case, you’ll have to install plumbing, electricity and water that comply with your local building codes.

2. Should You Insulate a Detached Garage?

Yes, you should insulate a detached garage. This durable, protective material regulates the temperature of your garage, cutting down on HVAC costs and making the space more comfortable. It may cost a bit extra to upgrade your garage with insulation. However, you’ll save money on energy expenses over time.

Insulating your detached garage offers short-term and long-term benefits. You’ll be able to create a comfortable place to entertain guests or work on your latest art creation. When you sell your home, having a comfortable detached garage with sturdy insulation may increase your property’s resale value. Potential buyers may appreciate the opportunity to rent out the garage for additional income.

3. Should You Build an Attached or Detached Garage?

Whether you should build an attached or detached garage depends on your lifestyle preferences. An attached garage offers you convenient access to your valuables from your house, but it may make you more vulnerable to theft. However, a detached garage can go anywhere on your property, and it’s usually cheaper.

Discover a Detached Garage Plan for You

At Family Home Plans, we offer thousands of detached garage plans with various styles and garage bays. You can find the perfect floor plan with our easy-to-use search engine. Our filters allow you to limit your search based on your desired number of garage bays, number of stories or architectural style for your new building.

We’ll send you the plans in much less time than it would take to get them from an architect, so you can start building as soon as possible. Reach out to us online or call 1-800-482-0464 if you have any questions about finding the detached garage plan of your dreams.

Discover Detached Garage Plans With Family Home Plans

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