How to Choose a House Plan With Curb Appeal

House Plan With Curb Appeal

How to Choose a House Plan With Curb Appeal

What is curb appeal, and why does it matter? We hear realtors and popular tv shows refer to curb appeal all the time. Curb appeal describes the appearance of a house to someone who is looking at it from the street. In real estate, first impressions matter. When planning for construction, you can start on the right foot by choosing the right house plan. In this article, we will look at how to choose the right house plan with curb appeal in mind.

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House Plan With Curb Appeal – How To Fit In

When planning to build your new home, one thing to consider is: Does the curb appeal of your favorite house plan match your building site location?

Firstly, you might be building in a neighborhood with a home owner’s association. In that case, you will have rules to follow when looking for a house plan with curb appeal. For example, new homes may need to be approved by the board of directors. They will have rules about the size and style of the house you are allowed to build on your lot. These rules are in place to preserve the cohesive aesthetic of the homes in the neighborhood and to preserve property values for the community.

Secondly, your investment hinges on fitting into the neighborhood. When choosing a home plan, look for one that is similar in size and style to your immediate neighbors. Don’t build a luxury home plan in a community of budget homes. You will lose money spent on costly finishes because homebuyers in that location are only willing to pay a budget price.

Thirdly, take the regional location into account when planning to find a house plan with curb appeal. What is the most popular architectural style for homes in the state and climate where you are building? We encourage you to build your dream home, however, it’s important to think of resale value too. Some architectural styles look out of place in some locations. For example, a Mediterranean Style House Plan will look great in Florida, but it might look out of place in the North East. When someone is evaluating your house from the curbside, you don’t want them to reject it because the architecture isn’t popular in that region.

The good news is: Family Home Plans has several architectural styles to choose from. You are sure to find the perfect house plan with curb appeal to match your building site location. Click here to review our House Plan Styles.

Curb Appeal Tips to Consider

  1. After you choose your favorite house plan style, do a few internet searches using that style name. If you chose Farmhouse Style, you can search “Farmhouse Style House Plans” on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc. You will find several examples to browse and compare.
  2. Note the features that contribute to a house plan with curb appeal. For a Modern Farmhouse, that would include things like a wraparound porch, white vertical siding, and dormer windows. If you choose Craftsman Style House Plans, look for cedar shakes, stone, and shiplap siding.
  3. Remember, curb appeal can be achieved in very inexpensive ways. Flower boxes under windows will add a pop of color and charm to an otherwise basic Cottage Home Plan. Choose thick columns for the porch and stain them in a rich color to add a rustic look to a Ranch Style Home Plan.
  4. A house plan with curb appeal will add value when it’s time to sell because it will catch the eye of more homebuyers.

In conclusion, the curb appeal of your home should reflect your personal style. It should be a place that you love to come home to. That’s what matters most at Family Home Plans.

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