Small 2 Bedroom Home Plan With 1 Car Garage (Plan 80862)

Small 2 Bedroom Home Plan

Small 2 Bedroom Home Plan With 1 Car Garage (Plan 80862)

Small 2 Bedroom Home Plan 80862 is budget-friendly at 1,263 square feet of living space. Vertical white siding pairs attractively with gray shingles and metal roof. Plunk down a couple of rocking chairs. The front porch is covered by a metal roof, and it sounds wonderful during a rain storm. Extra features of the façade really set it off—we love the double front door, rustic porch columns, upper level dormer windows, and brick steps. Around the right side of this small home plan, we find a one bay garage measuring 13’8 wide by 22′ deep, and it opens into the dining space inside.

Small 2 Bedroom Home Plan With Big Kitchen

The living space in Small 2 Bedroom Home Plan 80862 makes a lasting impression for several reasons. Firstly, it’s open and spacious. Decorative beams adorn the ceiling. We recommend staining them a rich brown to match the columns on the porch outside. Such detail really amps up the charm and adds that extra wow factor. The living space is 18’4 wide all the way back through the kitchen. Arrange plush furniture in the living room and kick back in the evening to take in your favorite shows. At dinner, be sure to delegate enough time to set the table, because you can fit a monstrously long farmhouse table in the dining space.

Secondly, the kitchen draws you immediately upon entering the home. It’s well-arranged with a large island in the center and plenty of clearance to get around even if you have a full house. Everything you need is here, plus some extras! Notice the microwave built into the island. Guests will grab a barstool and sit at the level eating bar and chat with the cook before the meal is served. The cook will be impressed with the gas stove and range hood above. Remember, it’s all up to you what kinds of finishes you want. With a smaller house, your budget is free to splurge on the kitchen you always wanted.

Great Outdoor Living Space

Thirdly, continue your living space outside. The back porch measures 18’8 wide by 8’6 deep, and that means lots of room for your grill and picnic bench. Enjoy the sights and sounds of your back yard while you relax with a book in hand. Screen in that porch too and ward off the biting insects. Fourthly, expand your living space into the basement. Small 2 Bedroom Home Plan 80862 offers the option for a basement or walkout basement. The basement staircase will be accessed from the hallway. Basement area will mirror the outside dimensions of the finished space above, so you could add more bedrooms and recreation space if desired.

When it comes to bedroom 1, it’s a good size at 11’8 wide by 12′ deep. The occupant has a walk-in closet and quick access to the guest bathroom and the laundry room. Bedroom 2 is the master, and it’s located privately in the rear of the home. Slide back the barn door and find a great ensuite with walk-in closet, double vanity, custom walk-in shower and water closet. Click here to see the pricing and specifications at Family Home Plans. Be sure to pin the picture below to your “Future Home” board on Pinterest.

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  • Timothy Wyrosdick Reply

    How much

    June 18, 2023 at 8:20 pm
    • Family Home Plans Reply

      Thank you for your interest in our architectural plans!

      Unfortunately, I cannot provide a good estimate for you or a turn-key price. There are lots of variables like material selections and fluctuating material costs and pricey vs economy builders. Wish I had a better answer for you, but we don’t build; we only provide blueprints. For the most accurate average cost per square foot, we recommend asking local builders.

      If you are looking at a single-family home plan, you may want to consider purchasing a QUICK-Cost-To-Build quote provided by Click on the Cost To Build tab on the plan’s details page. Here you will have the option to purchase the QUICK-Cost-To-Build for any single-family house plans which you are interested in. Remember that the QUICK-Cost-To-Build is based only on the living space listed for that particular house plan and on the zip code in which you are building. It is not specific to the materials needed for that house plan. Please read the limitations and assumptions associated with the cost estimates.

      Unfortunately, I do not have any estimated material costs. There are lots of variables like material selections and fluctuating material costs. Wish I had a better answer for you.

      June 20, 2023 at 2:34 pm

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