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Specifications and Pricing

Cottage Craftsman Tuscan House Plan 65862 Elevation
See Elevation and Floor Plan(s)

Tuscan Style House Floor Plans
This 2,091-square-foot design, one of our most popular home plans, boasts a traditional exterior. On the interior, a study is situated so you can see arriving clients and welcome them immediately. The...

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Previous Ask The Designer Q & A
Question: what are the flooring types for this house?
Answer: Our plan calls for wood floors everywhere except in the bedrooms which are carpet. Tile in the utility and bath areas.
Date Posted: 05-Dec-18

Question: If you look at the first floor plan, it shows a powder room with the steps going up for the bonus room. Is the powder room still available in the same spot with the steps going down if I choose basement stair option 1?
Answer: No. That option requires the powder bath be eliminated and the secondary bath has a hall entry.
Date Posted: 18-Sep-17

Question: The pictures of the actual house appear to be built with mirrored plans because the garage is on the right side. However, the pictures of the kitchen look like it is not mirrored. How is that? I'm trying to figure out how they modified the wall near the stairs to add the additional cabinets that are not shown on the plan.
Answer: Keep in mind that many of our customers modify our plans to suit their own personal needs. You may also be seeing photos from two different homes.
Date Posted: 14-Aug-17

Question: When I choose the 2x6 walls, does the space from the interior, or do you expand the exterior walls? Can I eliminate the step down ceilings in the master bedroom, family room and dining room?
Answer: The 2” is taken from the interior. This keeps the square footage the same. It would be easy to eliminate the stepped ceilings in the family and dining. Modification to the master bedroom ceiling would effect the transom windows in the sitting area.
Date Posted: 24-May-17

Question: Can you tell me what is the width of the house with a third car garage.
Answer: 86’-2”
Date Posted: 24-Apr-17

Question: What is the bonus area square footage for the 3-car garage option?
Answer: 574 SF
Date Posted: 13-Apr-17

Question: The specifications say the primary roof pitch is 12:12. There are many different pitches. What part of the roof is 12:12 and what is the pitch on the other parts of the roof. Also, is it possible to revise the plan for 9 or 10 foot ceilings throughout?
Answer: There is a small portion of the roof on the back which is a 4:12 pitch, everything else is 12:12. The ceilings could be modified to be lower but you will lose transoms and potentially have conflicts with a few other windows/doors.
Date Posted: 17-Feb-17

Question: Do you have plans using Nudura ICF foam building block technology?
Answer: Sorry, we don't.
Date Posted: 13-Jul-16

Question: I notice this house says 2091sq ft total living area. That's not including the 549sq ft garage,448sq ft porch, 281sq ft deck or the 349sq ft bonus area, correct? So all said and done this would be total of 3,718sq ft home? That's the number I would be using to get my $ per square ft from my contractor?
Answer: There’s no across the board standard for estimating costs by SF. Some builders use heated area, some use total covered area.
Date Posted: 19-May-16

Question: What is the width of the overhang? Can I take out the fireplace?
Answer: Overhangs are 2’-0”. Yes, fireplace can be removed if you wish.
Date Posted: 29-Mar-16

Question: I'm interested in knowing the specs on the crawlspace that is included for $200. I'm looking for a 4' crawlspace with outer French drain. Is there any delay on the crawlspace?
Answer: Ours is only shown at about 2’, could be easily modified in the field though. We do not show a french drain on our detail for crawlspace, could obviously be added in the field as well.
Date Posted: 17-Feb-16

Question: Is there a four bedroom version of this floor plan?
Answer: Yes.
Date Posted: 15-Feb-16

Question: I love the floor plan and elevation of this house. The only thing is I would like to build completely with brick. Would the plan easily adjust to this option?
Answer: Yes it would, as there is already a brick ledge all the way around the perimeter of the house. Stone and brick are basically interchangeable, it’s a material selection that must be specified in the field.
Date Posted: 13-Jul-15

Question: Thanks. Is that deck a structural deck due to the weight of the stone and grill ?
Answer: No. The weight from the upper deck transfers thru the columns and beams.
Date Posted: 01-May-15

Question: What is the angle of the garage relative to the main portion of the house ? Is this angle listed on the blueprint ? Thanks, Doug
Answer: All the angles are a multiple of 45 degrees.
Date Posted: 27-Apr-15

Question: Is there a similar plan that is in between this one and #75134?
Answer: 65874
Date Posted: 12-Mar-15

Question: I was looking at the 3 car option for $150. Not sure if I want to do 2 or 3 car. If that option is ordered, does it come as an 'option', or is the floor plan redrawn where the plans only come with a 3 car?
Answer: The 3 car comes as a 3 car only. If you purchase plans in PDF and decide to go back to a 2 car, we can simply swap out the pdf for the 2 car version. Likewise, if you start with the 2 car version we can upgrade you and resend a pdf. There is no refund though for the 3 car of you downsize.
Date Posted: 24-Feb-15

Question: What would the total sqft be with the main living, garage and bonus room? (No basement/lower floor.)
Answer: 2091(living) + 549(garage) + 349(bonus) = 2989 SF
Date Posted: 16-Feb-15

Question: On the gable end trim, is that purchased as premanufactured or is that done by the builder? if premanufactured, where would i purchase that?
Answer: Custom built by a lumber yard.
Date Posted: 11-Sep-14

Question: The master bath shows it 13'2" wide, but the WIC's are 6' wide each. What am I missing to make up the extra 1'2"? What are the dimensions of the bathroom between the two bedrooms? (tub/toilet area and the width of pocket doors and vanity? Thanks!
Answer: Well, actually yes, each closet in the master is closer to 6’-6” wide. We probably shortened to 6’ for the sake of saving space in a tight place on the artwork. The dressing area is 5’ wide x 6’-0” deep, the actual bath room is 5’x6’ as well. The pocket doors are 2’-6” each.
Date Posted: 07-Aug-14

Question: Looking for a floating slab. What type of slab foundation does this plan have?
Answer: Monolithic. Grade beams of approx 30” deep x 10” wide reinf’d w/ 2-#5’s top and bottom. Slab 4 1/2” thk reinf’d w/ #3’s@12” oc each way.
Date Posted: 14-Jul-14

Question: what size is the building envelope for this house
Answer: 78’-9” wide x 71’-5” deep
Date Posted: 25-Jun-14

Question: husband and I are in the process of building this is time to start picking exterior colors and I am driving myself crazy trying to pick the perfect ones. I love the pictures of the completed home that you have included for us to you have any idea what colors were used for the hardie board...trim..and cedar accents??Any information you could provide me would be GREATLY appreciated!! Thank you-Stephanie
Answer: Sherwin-Williams has an online aid called “Chip It” which will identify the colors from a photo you upload. I recommend using images which isolate the material you are wanting identified.

Date Posted: 23-Jun-14

Question: What type of wood is used for the decorative wood gables ? where can these gables be purchased ? Thanks, Doug
Answer: Rough sawn cedar is what we call for. They have to be custom made at your local millwork company.
Date Posted: 18-Jun-14

Question: Plan# 65862 has 2091sf and Plan# 65867 has 1848sf. They both have the same dimensions inside why???
Answer: The 1848 SF version does not have a Study. That space is in the garage(non-heated area) as a workshop.
Date Posted: 02-Jun-14

Question: What are the dimensions of the master shower, master commode area and the size of the vanities in the master bath. What is the dimensions of the garage if 3 bay garage was ordered? What are the dimensions of the Jack and Jill bath and vanity area?
Answer: mstr shwr – 42”X42”
toilet - 3’x5’-6”
vanities - 4’ and 4’-8”
3 car garage – 33’-5”x 22’
JJ vanity – 6’-0”
Dressing area – 6’x5’

Date Posted: 24-Apr-14

Question: On this plan, is there anyway that stone could be replaced with brick, or is there another plan similar with brick.
Answer: Easy to swap for brick. Its basically the same as stone as far as the plans are concerned.
Date Posted: 07-Mar-14

Question: Is the stone for the interior and exterior of this home very expensive? Is faux rock/stone less expensive than genuine rock/stone? What would you estimate the cost of building this home in southern Alabama?
Answer: Cultured stone (faux stone) is a good alternative to real stone if there is no local stone quarried and the cost becomes prohibitive.
Date Posted: 03-Mar-14

Question: What size are the roof rafters?
Answer: 2x6 @ 24"oc
Date Posted: 10-Feb-14

Question: So I have what may be a bonehead question! The square footage of kitchen...does the measurement include the floor space that the cabinets take up? In other words, it's measured from actual wall to wall (behind) cabinets, not toe kick to toe kick (front of cabinets), correct?
Answer: Yes, measurement is wall to wall.
Date Posted: 31-Oct-13

Question: Could you add a 3rd garage space to this plan? If you included a walk out basement, could you add a fireplace/woodstove in the basement? Is there a spec house that we could see?
Answer: We have a 3 car version available for an additional $150. The wood stove could be added, even addresses by your builder easily. Don’t have a model anywhere I could lead you to.
Date Posted: 21-Oct-13

Question: What is the ceiling height of the main living area.
Answer: 12’ with a step up to 14’
Date Posted: 03-Sep-13

Question: What is the ceiling height in the DR, Great room and kitchen? Do your plans include foundation drawings, plumbing plans, electrical plans, and barbeque porch plans? The exterior stone shows arched (curved) lines, can these be built as vertical lines? Are the plans as received stamped for construction? And finally, is there a BOM from which I can determine costs to build this home? This is referencing House Plan 65862. Thank you, Judy Clark
Answer: Ceiling hts:
Dining, Kitchen, Family – 12’

Plans come standard with slab foundation. Crawlspace and Basement foundations can be purchased as an upgrade option.

Plans include electrical schematics(location and type of elect fixture). Circuiting, plumbing pipe size as well as mechanical systems are typically designed by the installing contractor for residential construction.

The “battered” walls can be removed, they are not structural.

Single set plans come stamped “Not for Construction” and cannot be reproduced. 5-8 sets are intended for construction purposes and pdf/reproducible sets can be modified and/or copied and come with a license to do so.

We have no BOM at the present time for this plan.


Date Posted: 22-Apr-13

Question: What is the main floor & bonus room ceiling height?
Answer: 1st floor varies between 10’ and 12’ with some steps higher in the Family. Bonus is 9’.
Date Posted: 08-Apr-13

Question: If I purchase the plans, will the material needed be or the type of tile, wood, brick, etc be included?
Answer: No. The material specs are up to the client and material quantities need to be calculated by the contractor installing.
Date Posted: 25-Feb-13

Question: The Master Bedroom, the those include the sitting space? Can you break the measurements out for me on each of those spaces? Is the sitting space more like an oversized window seat or an area you can actually walk in?
Answer: It is actual floor space. The sitting area is included in the room dimensions and the offset is 4’-0” deep, which leaves about 13’ for a bed wall.
Date Posted: 24-Sep-12

Question: what do you believe the cost to build this home in the missouri state?
Answer: I’d figure between $125 and $150/SF.
Date Posted: 20-Jul-12

Question: If 2x6 option is ordered, what is the turnaround time?
Answer: It would ship out within 1 business day of order.
Date Posted: 13-Jul-12

Question: To the " Designer ", My wife and I like this plan very much! We have owned and operated a home improvement business for over 25 years. Are the plans sealed for construction in state of Florida? Do you provide a take off list in order procure an accurate quantity of building materials etc. Are there any testamonials in respect to someone that has built this home and are there any actual pictures of this home? Thank you for your answers, Rick
Answer: The plans are not sealed with a Florida State architects seal. A local architect/engineer may be required to permit. Check with your jurisdiction. We do not provide materials lists. These are more accurate when calculated by the company doing the work. We currently have no photos or testimonials, but might soon.
Date Posted: 26-Apr-12

Question: What is the height of the walls?
Answer: 9’ plates on either end and it steps up to 12’ in the center.
Date Posted: 18-Apr-12

Question: Please let me know the square footage of the basement. image:
Answer: Basement square footage is the same as the first level or 2091 sf.
Date Posted: 07-Dec-11

Question: I was wondering something about this plan. I see that the square footage is 2091. well Is that counting the garage? If so what is the total square footage of a/c space on this plan.
Answer: 2091 SF does not include the Garage(549 SF) or the Porches(192[front]+256[back] SF) or the Bonus Area(349 SF) above the garage.
Date Posted: 25-Jul-11

Question: Is the fireplace a woodburning fireplace or gas?
Answer: Wood burning
Date Posted: 14-Jun-11

Question: I love this house and the layout, do you have the same home but in about 1800 sq feet? we do not need a study, however want a large laundry room. Thank you! Pagi
Answer: Yes, We have one that is 1848 SF with no Study. There is a Workshop in place of the Study which is in the Garage(non-heated area). The laundry could be expanded as well in this plan. The plan no. is 65867
Date Posted: 21-Mar-11

Question: what is the size of foundation without garage,also what style front door does this house have (door and 2 side lites) what kind of siding. this si a beautiful home we are trying too get all ibfo beore we buy plans , and cannot build because of cost thxs for your help
Answer: 59'-6" without the Garage. Front door is oversized - 4'x9' tall. We call for a steel/glass door with wrought iron grill/scroll work. This is an expensive door but is very impressive - probably $4-5k. We call for cedar shake siding. Hardi-board makes a product which is very durable.
Date Posted: 08-Mar-11

Question: I was looking for a different answer below. The 2091 sq ft is a little larger than I was looking for, then I found the 1848 sq ft home of the same design. How can they have the same footprint with a 243 sq ft difference? Customer's Old Question: Good Morning Could you please clarify: Plan # 65862 is 2091 Ft2 @ 76’-9”x 71’-5” while Plan # 65867 is 1848 Ft2 @ 78’-9”x 71’-5” Thanks Mark Designer's Old Answer: The 76'-9" must be a typo, they are both 78'-9" wide.
Answer: The smaller plan does not have a Study. That same space goes into a Workshop in the Garage which is technically not heated area. And yes the 76'-9" must be a typo, they are both 78'-9" wide
Date Posted: 25-Jan-11

Question: We are interested in purchasing this plan. I have some questions; What are the blacked out area's on the floor plan? Where does the front window above the entry go to? Do you have pic's of the master bedrm, bathrm and two ther bedrms? Does the stone have anything to do with the structural design of the home? or could it be removed? Could I get a better pic of the kitchen? How many cabinets are included in this space? Thank you looking forward to your response
Answer: The blacked out areas are dead space behind walls. The window above the entry is in the attic. We do not presently have any pictures of this plan. The stone is aesthetic only. It could be modified and is non-structural. I am counting about 24 LF of base cabinet and 13 LF of upper cabinet.
Date Posted: 24-Jan-11

Question: We love this house plan. The one thing that concerns me is the lack of hall closets. Most often there is a coat closet off the mud room and off the front foyer, but I don't see either. Are there any in this house plan other than the bedroom closets? Thanks, Tina May
Answer: other than the one in the hall by the bedrooms, no.
Date Posted: 19-Jan-11

Question: Hello, Love the home. We are building on our 27 acres in 2012. 1. Is the bonus area above the in attic trusses? 2. Where would the stairs go to the basement on the floorplan? Thanks.
Answer: We have detailed the home as "stick built" trusses can be implemented by a truss manufacturer though. We have two options for basement stairs, one is between the garage and study going down to the right from the Utility and the other is under the bonus room stair but you would lose the powder room in that case and the secondary bath becomes a hall bath in lieu of a Hollywood arrangement. David
Date Posted: 06-Jan-11

Question: What is the square footage of the basement and is it excavated? Can the basement layout and square footage be redesigned?
Answer: We show 1524 sf of finished basement.. That can be modified.
Date Posted: 25-Oct-10

Question: Can you tell me the total sq. ft. under roof for this plan for a slab foundation and not including the bonus room and BBQ porch? Thanks Can you tell me the ceilling heights for the Kitchen, Family room, Dinning Room and Master Bedroom?
Answer: 3235 SF (slab - not including bbq porch) Kitchen, Family, Dining = 12' clg Master = 10' stepped to 11'-0"
Date Posted: 06-Oct-10

Question: What is the siding material & what type of maintenance is required for it?
Answer: We are calling it 'rough sawn cedar shakes' on the plans, but Hardi makes a similar product that is low maintenance..
Date Posted: 04-Oct-10

Question: Does the kitchen, master bedroom, and living room have trey ceilings if plan is ordered as is without modifications? Thank You!
Answer: The Family, Dining and Master all have "step ceilings" which is actually a bit more in line with trends than a tray ceiling.. but ceiling treatments are something that are very easy to work out with your builder.
Date Posted: 02-Aug-10

Question: Does slab foundation show footers and bearing walls exist? Does the slab plan also show heating ducts and plumbing locations in measurements?
Answer: It shows footings but not heating ducts or plumbing.
Date Posted: 21-Jun-10

Question: I am very interested in learning more about this plan, namely materials. I live in British Columbia, and was wondering if I could purchase the wood locally. However, I do not know the specs of the wood required. Thank you, Nelson Salter
Answer: Western Red Cedar is what we are calling for. Its very popular and should be easy to find. Check your local lumber company
Date Posted: 28-Apr-10

Question: We are not interested in having a basement. Is there any attic storage or storage in the garage?
Answer: We show a Bonus Rm over the Garage and there would be access to a lot more storage in the attic. If the Garage is where you want storage it would be easy to add a few feet in depth to the Garage to accommodate this space.
Date Posted: 08-Jan-10

Question: In the bonus room, how much of the 12' 9' is between the 9' ceiling lines?
Answer: The actual portion (in width) that is a 9' clg, is 5'-4" wide. The clg ht at the entire 12'-9" width is 5'-0". It is a 12:12 clg slope so for every foot you decrease that 12'-9" width, you get another foot of clg ht. Keep in mind this something that can be manipulated in the field with your builder. There are a number of good solutions to increase the ceiling height in the Bonus. For instance you could drop the floor of the Garage a foot or two and bring the ceiling/floor above down with it and not substantially change the look/proportions of the elevation. That's one idea anyway..
Date Posted: 17-Nov-09

Question: What type of siding and stone material is being featured on the picture of this home Linda
Answer: The stone is just a darker color than you may be used to seeing with a high contrast mortar. Its just a semi coursed, roughly rectangular stone. The rendering also shows mortar joint that is pretty much flush with the stone vs. what you might normally see with a deep raked joint. The siding material is just a cedar shake. I believe Hardi-Board makes a product like this now as well, but there are plenty of manufacturers who make it in sheets vs individual shakes/shingles.. but you can go with a fully authentic look of individual shakes as well. My preference would be something in a sheet that can be stained. Hope this helps.
Date Posted: 10-Nov-09

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House Plan 65862

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Specifications Pricing Information
  • Total Living Area: 2091
  • Main Living Area: 2091
  • Bonus Area: 349
  • Unfinished Basement Area: 2091
  • Garage Area: 549
  • Garage Type: Attached
  • Garage Bays: 2
  • House Width: 78'9
  • House Depth: 71'5
  • Number of Stories: 1
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Full Baths: 2
  • Half Baths: 1
  • Max Ridge Height: 30' from Front Door Floor Level
  • Primary Roof Pitch: 12:12
  • Roof Load: 30 psf
  • Roof Framing: Stick
  • Porch: 448 sq ft
  • Deck: 281 sq ft
  • Formal Dining Room: Yes
  • FirePlace: Yes
  • 1st Floor Master: Yes

    Available Foundation Types:
  • Basement - * $300.00 Total Living Area may increase with Basement Foundation option - please call to confirm before ordering.
  • Crawlspace - * $200.00
  • Slab
  • Walkout Basement - * $300.00 Total Living Area may increase with Basement Foundation option - please call to confirm before ordering.

    Available Exterior Wall Types:
  • 2x4
  • 2x6 - $150.00 (Please call for drawing time.)

    * May require additional drawing time.
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  • Right Reading (True) Reverse: $200.00
    All sets will be Readable Reverse copies. Turn around time is usually 3 to 5 business days.
  • Additional Sets: $50.00

    ** 1 Set order does not include a License-To-Build. For bidding purposes only. Customer can upgrade order within 90 days.

    Ceiling Heights:
    Family Rm 12' stepped to 14'
    Dining 12' stepped to 13'
    Foyer 12' stepped to 13'
    Kitchen 12'
    Nook 12'
    Master Ste 10' stepped to 11'
    Master Ba 10'
    Study/Media 10'
    BR2 10'
    BR3 10'
    Utility 8'

    3 car garage option for additional $150 - please click here to download pdf file

    or call 1-800-482-0464.

    Associated Styles:
    Cottage House Plans
    Craftsman House Plans
    Tuscan House Plans

    Special Features:
    Bonus Room
    Deck or Patio
    Front Porch
    Outdoor Fireplace
    Outdoor Kitchen
    Rear Porch

    Related Plans:

    Plan Number 65867

  • or call 1-800-482-0464.
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    Cottage Craftsman Tuscan House Plan 65862 Lower Level
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    Cottage Craftsman Tuscan House Plan 65862 Level One
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    Cottage Craftsman Tuscan House Plan 65862 Alternate Level One
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    Cottage Craftsman Tuscan House Plan 65862 Level Two
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    Cottage Craftsman Tuscan House Plan 65862 Rear Elevation

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    Image quality may be compromised.

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    Our working drawings include the following..
    We use AutoCAD to produce our working drawings. This allows us to be 100% accurate on our dimensions as well as coordinate all drawings with the highest level of precision. Below are examples of what comes in each working drawing set...

    Floor Plans - For each level we include... a 1/4"=1'-0" scale floor plan indicating frame walls and masonry with dimensions, notes, door and window sizes, room names and floor finishes, cabinet, shelving, fixture locations and notes, ceiling conditions, electrical/lighting fixtures and switches.

    Exterior Elevations - We include... Front Elevation at 1/4"=1'-0", side and rear elevations at 1/8"=1'-0", plate heights, roof overhangs, material/surface notes, window heights, roof pitches, material hatching for clarity, floor to floor dimensions and any other detail we feel is necessary to explain the construction.

    Cabinets/Building Sections- Cabinet elevations at 3/8"=1'-0", showing cabinets, appliance locations, plumbing fixtures, shelving, counter/backsplash surface, cabinet material and finish, niche details and any other special situation that cannot be understood from the plan view. Building Sections are included only when there is no other way to indicate the spatial characteristics of the home. This information is quite often indicated well enough on the elevations and plans.

    Foundation Plans - We offer a choice of three types of foundations, full basement, crawlspace, and slab foundations. Each comes fully dimensioned, and noted indicating wall composition and thickness, construction detail references to our detail page, beam, pier and column locations and sizes, stair locations for basements, reinforcing steel sizes and step downs in monolithic slabs and ventilation grilles for crawlspaces.

    Framing Plans - For each level we include... a 1/8"=1'-0" scale plan indicating rafter, ceiling and floor joists locations, sizes and spacing as well as lumber grade specified, additional bracing and blocking.

    Details - For each foundation type we include... 3/4"=1'-0" scale details indicating material composition, size and critical dimensions for construction of the primary foundation.

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