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Tuscan Style House Plan Number: 65867    Order Code: 00WEB

1848 Sq Ft, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 2 Car Garage * click picture to expand  
Front Elevation Lower Level Plan First Level Plan Second Level Plan Rear Elevation

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 Specifications and Pricing

Cottage , Craftsman , Ranch , Tuscan House Plan 65867 with 3 Beds, 2 Baths, 2 Car Garage Elevation
See Elevation and Floor Plan(s)

Tuscan House Plan - Lanai & BBQ Porch
3 car garage option for this Tuscan home design is an additional $150. Please call to order.

Ceiling heights: Family Room, Great Room, Kitchen, Dining Room and Nook- 12', Master bedroom- 10' g...

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Question: Is there a cathedral ceiling in the master bedroom? Is this plan the same as 75134?
Answer: Master ceiling is stepped. No this is not the same as 75134. Similar though.
Date Posted: 06-Jan-20

Question: How big is the 3 car garage pictured with 65687? We can't quite tell from the diagram. Also trying to figure out how that would also change the size of the surrounding rooms, such as the storage room and workshop.
Answer: 3rd bay is 11’x22’-5”. Does not effect size of storage or workshop. It does add footage to the bonus room above in the shape of a “T” going straight back over(perpendicular to) the 3rd bay - an extra 12’x15’.
Date Posted: 14-Jun-19

Question: On the 3 car garage modification what is the inside dimensions.
Answer: 11’ x 22’-5” for the 3rd bay.
Date Posted: 19-Apr-19

Question: What version of AutoCad are the drawings? Are they AutoCad Architectural, Revit…, or can I use general AutoCad to make what ever modifications I need?
Answer: We use regular old Autodesk AutoCAD 2014. Yes, you can use any software that uses dwg files.
Date Posted: 22-Mar-19

Question: House number 65867 I would like to add the third Bay to the garage and need the widest width of the house from foundation to foundation
Answer: We have a 3rd car option available for an additional $150. The width is 83’-8” .
Date Posted: 06-Feb-19

Question: For the log siding, is it round logs or machine flat logs?
Answer: We specify shake siding for this plan. We have another plan, similar to this one which does specify log siding which is not whole logs, but log siding.
Date Posted: 17-Sep-18

Question: What is the width and depth of the house in a three car design so i can see if it will fit on my lot
Answer: 83’-8” wide x 71’-5” deep.
Date Posted: 02-Jul-18

Question: what are the dimensions of the pantry?
Answer: 3’-8”x3’-8” clear inside.
Date Posted: 27-Jun-18

Question: What are the dimensions of the outside area between the Lanai and the Master bedroom? I wondering if it would be big enough to make into a screened porch.
Answer: 14’ x 9’-6”
Date Posted: 15-Mar-18

Question: What is the height of the front porch roof at its ridge?
Answer: 23’ to the top of the higher of the two gables.
Date Posted: 31-Jan-18

Question: What is the height of the front door dormers in comparison to the roof height?
Answer: 2’ taller plate heights – 10’ vs 12’.
Date Posted: 29-Jan-18

Question: What is the total square footage under roof on a slab foundation?
Answer: 3378 SF Frame -
Date Posted: 06-Nov-17

Question: What would the wide of the house if you do the 3 car garage?
Answer: 83’-8” not including the decorative trellis on the right side.
Date Posted: 13-Jul-17

Question: Also, the ceiling height in the bonus room is 9 ft...what is the height of the side walls?
Answer: 5’
Date Posted: 06-Jul-17

Question: What are the dimensions of the utility closet? And the foyer? Thanks!
Answer: Utility – 5-4 x 6-9 Foyer - 6-9 x 9-3
Date Posted: 29-Jun-17

Question: Can you substitute the tray ceilings for an exposed beam look? Can you take square footage from the workshop and make a half bath
Answer: Yes and yes. These are changes that you can employ locally.
Date Posted: 15-Mar-17

Question: Hi-could you tell me if the house plans come with: Structural Roof Framing plans Structural Foundation Plans Structural Roof and exterior details The potential home buyer is very interested in this set of plans and I would be the architect who would modify the plans to meet CBC. If the plans do include the above, then I would suggest her to purchase the plans. If the plans do not, then we most likely would take a different approach. Hopefully the plans do include the above. My number is 916 993-8886 and would welcome a phone call if you are able. Thanks you, Steve Pasion
Answer: Steve, We do provide roof framing plans for ‘stick framing’ via dimensional lumber. We do not provide calculations nor are they ‘engineered’ as we cannot assume loading for every area of the country. We use industry standards and load/span tables as published in the 2012 IRC and as required for our location here in Texas. We also do not provide a truss framing plan for the roof(some people do request this also). We do provide foundation plans(slab, crawlspace and basement – options as priced with FamilyHomePlans), again using the 2012 IRC and they are not ‘engineered’ and may need some local engineering/modifications. We provide details where we deem necessary to explain a detail that is non-standard for conventional framing. Hope that helps your decision making process.
Date Posted: 14-Mar-17

Question: What type of siding was used on this model?
Answer: We recommend Hardi-Board. They have a shake siding that looks and performs great.
Date Posted: 09-Jan-17

Question: what is the total sq ft with the 3 car garage with the house please
Answer: 3602 SF of covered area.
Date Posted: 17-Oct-16

Question: Can the plans be modified to use Nudura ICF technology? Is the roof stick framed or can it be done with manufactured trusses? Can we buy the Archtectural Arches over the entry and gables? Are they prefabbed?
Answer: Plans can be modified to use ICF. Roof is stick framed but could be trussed. Decorative trusses on gables are a custom order.
Date Posted: 05-Aug-16

Question: What is the roof elevation? Is there room in the attic for an unfinished bonus room in case we need it later?
Answer: Yes, plenty. The roof pitch is 12:12.
Date Posted: 26-Apr-16

Question: Resending: We are interested in building this house with a ful basement option. Am I correct when I say that it looks like the staircase to the basement and the bonus room above the garage is IN the garage? And is the workshop inside the garage also, or is there a door that separates the workshop from the garage? We hate the fact that the only way to access the garage appears to be from the garage, unless we are seeing something incorrectly on the plan. Can you please clear this up for us? And if that is the case, is there any other option for the staircase? Thank you! Becky McMillan
Answer: The stair to the basement and the bonus are in the garage in our design. That could be modified (for a fee) to hall access though. The workshop is also in the garage, but could be partitioned off as part of the stair connection.
Date Posted: 04-Mar-16

Question: Has this house been built anywhere near ontario, canada? Do you have an idea on what the total cost too build this house might be? Is there inside pictures of the home of one that was actually built?
Answer: Do not know if it has been built in the Ontario area. Cost varies greatly with region. Your best bet is to ask a builder. We have interior renderings and photos of a similar plan - http://www.familyhomeplans.com/plan_details.cfm?PlanNumber=65862
Date Posted: 19-Mar-15

Question: Is this house built anywhere in TN?
Answer: Don’t have any info on that.
Date Posted: 24-Feb-15

Question: My husband and I love this house. Do you know if this house was built anywhere in Wisconsin so we could see it? thanks jodi
Answer: Unfortunately, no.
Date Posted: 17-Feb-15

Question: What is the inside depth of the third garage to the wheel stop?
Answer: We show about 16’ with a 6’(+) walk beyond that, so it could be deeper.
Date Posted: 23-Jul-14

Question: If you choose to have the bonus space with this plan, can you still have a basement or do you have to choose one or the other?
Answer: They both come with the plan and are not mutually exclusive.
Date Posted: 22-Jul-14

Question: Thanks for the answer. What is the new square footage of the bonus room with the 3-car garage?
Answer: 514 sf
Date Posted: 10-Jul-14

Question: This plan appears to come with a 3 car option and I would assume the optional bonus space would meet the requirements. Can you verify?
Answer: It does come with a 3 car and the bonus room becomes a T-shape with space expanding towards the rear of the garage where the 3rd car bay would be.
Date Posted: 10-Jul-14

Question: Is there enough room to make utility room into a half bath and move utility room to work shop?
Answer: Yes there is plenty.
Date Posted: 09-Jul-14

Question: Is the storage room and work shop part of the garage grade or is it on the subfloor level. It looks like the storage room is on the subfloor and the work shop is part of the garage. And if so could the walls between the storage room and the 2 walkin closets in the master bedroom be eliminated to make 1 large walkin closet?
Answer: The workshop and storage are on the garage level in our drawings. However you could easily modify the wic’s to claim space from the garage.
Date Posted: 10-Jun-14

Question: Would it be feasible to have it a vaulted and or cathedral ceilings instead of the coffered ceilings?
Answer: Yes. Would probably still leave the designated squares and vault inside of them.
Date Posted: 28-Feb-14

Question: Is a material list available? Wall studs, sheetrock, plywood, etc?
Answer: Sorry - no there is not.
Date Posted: 17-Feb-14

Question: what does bonus area mean. also can we reverse the plan from the back to the front what would be the total square footage. Is the garage separate footage thanks Keith
Answer: Bonus is area you have the option of using or not.
We can reverse the plan from left to right, not back to front.
The garage is not included in the heated area but is an additional 550 SF

Date Posted: 13-Jan-14

Question: Do you have any interior renderings of this plan? If you do, could you please send them. thanks.
Answer: They are nearly identical to the interior renderings for plan 65862.
Date Posted: 22-Nov-13

Question: Is the living room vaulted?
Answer: It is stepped (coffered).
Date Posted: 08-Oct-13

Question: Is there a basement plan with stairs coming from in the house
Answer: Not for this one.
Date Posted: 04-Sep-13

Question: I simply love this plan!!!! Wonder how it would look done in brick? We were looking for something a little smaller for the upstairs and maybe the same for our lower level walk-out. Does the square footage include the barbecue area and the linai? Is there any way we could lower the square footage without loosing the size of the bedrooms? I really love this plan and hope you can help me out. Thanks, Jackie
Answer: The square footage is just the air conditioned space. No porches, bonus space or garage areas were included.
Date Posted: 08-Jul-13

Question: Can this be built with a walk out lower level?
Answer: Yes, Reference plan 65862 walk-out basement. They are very similar. View Attached File
Date Posted: 16-May-11

Question: where would the steps go in the house to get to the basement.
Answer: The basement stairs are in the Garage going from left to right.
Date Posted: 17-Jan-11

Question: It looks like the stair to bonus goes up from workshop. If basement foundation is ordered, how would it be accessed? Hoping for interior stairway
Answer: In this plan it is only accessible from the Garage... unfortunately.
Date Posted: 04-Jan-11

Question: Can you send me some pictures of the inside of the home so we can visualize the layout better with kitchen cabinets and furniture etc.
Answer: The interior layout is the same as plan 65862 with the exception of the views of the study. Those interior renderings will show how it looks.
Date Posted: 03-Jan-11

Question: Do you have any rear elevation photos with a walk-out basement? Do you have any interior pictures?
Answer: The interior renderings are similar to our plan no. 65862. The only difference is the elimination of the Study/Media in lieu of a workshop area in the Garage. I have attached a sketch of a walk-out basement condition.
Date Posted: 25-Oct-10

Question: House Plan: 65867 Could you please supply the total under roof footage for this plan
Answer: Total under roof = 3437 SF
Date Posted: 07-Jul-10

Question: where are the furnace and water heater situated? how does the laundry area vent out?
Answer: The furnace and water heater will fit nicely in the attic space and be more centrally located. The dryer vent will have to go up thru the attic and out the roof. It may require an additional blower fan. David Wiggins
Date Posted: 21-Apr-10

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Specifications Pricing Information
  • Total Living Area: 1848
  • Main Living Area: 1848
  • Bonus Area: 349
  • Unfinished Basement Area: 1524
  • Garage Area: 792
  • Garage Type: Attached
  • Garage Bays: 2
  • House Width: 78'9
  • House Depth: 71'5
  • Number of Stories: 1
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Full Baths: 2
  • Max Ridge Height: 30' from Front Door Floor Level
  • Primary Roof Pitch: 12:12
  • Roof Load: 20 psf
  • Roof Framing: Stick
  • Porch: 448 sq ft
  • Deck: 281 sq ft
  • Formal Dining Room: Yes
  • FirePlace: Yes
  • 1st Floor Master: Yes
  • Main Ceiling Height: 10'
  • Upper Ceiling Height: 9'

    Available Foundation Types:
  • Basement - * $395.00 Total Living Area may increase with Basement Foundation option - please call to confirm before ordering.
  • Crawlspace
  • Slab

    Available Exterior Wall Types:
  • 2x4
  • 2x6 - $245.00 (Please call for drawing time.)

    * May require additional drawing time.
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  • Additional Sets: $50.00

    3-car garage $150 Bathroom 2 10 x 6 Utility 5.4 x 6.8

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    Cottage House Plans
    Craftsman House Plans
    Ranch House Plans
    Tuscan House Plans

    Special Features:
    Bonus Room
    Front Porch
    Outdoor Fireplace
    Outdoor Kitchen
    Rear Porch
    Storage Space

    Related Plans:

    Plan Number 65862

  • Order Plan 65867

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    Plan Images

    Cottage , Craftsman , Ranch , Tuscan House Plan 65867 with 3 Beds, 2 Baths, 2 Car Garage

    Cottage , Craftsman , Ranch , Tuscan House Plan 65867 with 3 Beds, 2 Baths, 2 Car Garage Elevation Loading image. Please wait

     Cottage , Craftsman , Ranch , Tuscan House Plan 65867 with 3 Beds, 2 Baths, 2 Car Garage Lower Level

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     Cottage , Craftsman , Ranch , Tuscan House Plan 65867 with 3 Beds, 2 Baths, 2 Car Garage Level One

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    Cottage , Craftsman , Ranch , Tuscan House Plan 65867 with 3 Beds, 2 Baths, 2 Car Garage Alternate Level One

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     Cottage , Craftsman , Ranch , Tuscan House Plan 65867 with 3 Beds, 2 Baths, 2 Car Garage Level Two

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    Cottage , Craftsman , Ranch , Tuscan House Plan 65867 with 3 Beds, 2 Baths, 2 Car Garage Rear Elevation

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    Photographs may show modified designs.
    Image quality may be compromised.

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