This A-Frame Home Plan with Balcony Welcomes the Snow

Home Plan With Balcony

This A-Frame Home Plan with Balcony Welcomes the Snow

Home Plan With Balcony 95007 has 810 square feet of living space with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. A-frame architecture means that this home is perfect for heavy snowfall in the winter. The steeply-pitched roof will shed the snow while you remain cozy and warm inside. Build this little A-frame house plan and use it for a vacation getaway. Build by the lake and enjoy the large deck in the summer. Extra sleeping space is available in the loft upstairs, and the open balcony promises that sunlight will reach every inch of the upper level.

Vacation Cottage Home Plan With Balcony

Home Plan With Balcony 95007 is the perfect choice for your vacation home. Firstly, the plan offers open living space. While it’s only 810 square feet, the interior feels spacious. Notice the open floor plan among the living room, dining space, and kitchen. This design makes use of every square foot, and there is no wasted space. Enter the home through a set of sliding glass doors. Arrange plush seating in the living area to your right, and snuggle in on winter evenings. The kitchen includes everything you need for everyday meals, and then you always have the option to move outside and grill on the deck. Likewise, share a meal in the dining room, or set up a picnic bench on the deck.

Secondly, the interior has a great view. If you have a lovely backdrop for your lot, take advantage of it through these wonderful floor-to ceiling windows. Now you can gaze at the sunrise over the mountains, or watch the ripples on the lake before you go out fishing. In addition to the view, imagine the flood of natural light that filters through these windows. It can be enjoyed from upstairs or downstairs. Thirdly, you can have a vacation of solitude, or bring more friends. Yes, there is room to expand. Add cots upstairs, and you’re not limited in how many fishing buddies can come along.

One Bedroom Cottage Plan

One bedroom is located in the back of this little A-frame plan. It measures 10’4 wide by 9′ deep and includes a small closet. One bathroom is available, and it has everything you need for your weekend getaway. There’s a sink, toilet, and just enough room for a tub/shower combination. Notice the storage area because that’s where you can stow extra supplies. Step outside on the tiny porch if you need to find a quiet place to read when you have guests staying with you. While it’s small, we’re sure you will feel refreshed after spending a weekend here on vacation.

Check out the specifications below for Home Plan With Balcony 95007:

  • Interior partition walls are 2 x 4.
  • The roof consists of 4 x 10 roof beams with 2 x 6 T & G roof planks.
  • This A-Frame is an exact isosceles triangle. All three interior angles are 60 degrees.
  • The roof beams and the first floor all have a twenty-four foot running dimension. So yes, the pitch is greater than 12:12, which is equivalent to 20 25/32: 12.
  • The plans include a 6 foot wide by 4 foot deep porch as well as a 16 foot wide by a 12 foot deep deck.
  • There is 8 inches of insulation called up between the first story floor joists. There is not any roof insulation called up below or above the T & G roof planking.

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