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Bungalow House Plans

Bungalow house plans trace their roots to the Bengal region of South Asia. They usually consist of a single story with a small loft and a porch. These home plans have evolved over the years to share a common design with craftsman, cottage and rustic style homes. It’s therefore not surprising that most people confuse cottages, cabins and Craftsman homes for bungalows.

Plan 41841

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House Plan 41841 Gallery
2030 Heated SqFt
50'0 W x 64'0 D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2
House Plan 80818
1599 Heated SqFt
61'6 W x 44'6 D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2.5
House Plan 75137 Gallery
1879 Heated SqFt
78'11 W x 57'11 D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2
House Plan 44187 Gallery
2160 Heated SqFt
100'0 W x 88'0 D
Bed: 2 - Bath: 2.5
House Plan 80509 Gallery
928 Heated SqFt
58'0 W x 32'0 D
Bed: 2 - Bath: 2
House Plan 81248 Gallery
1912 Heated SqFt
40'0 W x 47'0 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 2.5
House Plan 82557
2073 Heated SqFt
70'6 W x 60'2 D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2.5
House Plan 76612
1265 Heated SqFt
20'0 W x 37'0 D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2.5
House Plan 65870 Gallery
1421 Heated SqFt
46'11 W x 53' D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2
House Plan 82546
1897 Heated SqFt
72'6 W x 64'8 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 2.5
House Plan 82697 Gallery
2278 Heated SqFt
69'2 W x 53'6 D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2.5
House Plan 59146 Gallery
1509 Heated SqFt
61' W x 47'4 D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2
House Plan 75517
912 Heated SqFt
24'0 W x 38'0 D
Bed: 2 - Bath: 1
House Plan 72719
1117 Heated SqFt
24' W x 58' D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 2
House Plan 20001
1255 Heated SqFt
32' W x 30' D
Bed: 2 - Bath: 1
House Plan 52000 Gallery
1545 Heated SqFt
37'0 W x 56'0 D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2
House Plan 86121
1928 Heated SqFt
34'2 W x 78'2 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 3
House Plan 82550
1967 Heated SqFt
72'10 W x 65'0 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 2.5
House Plan 82700 Gallery
2199 Heated SqFt
79'2" W x 60'2" D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2.5
House Plan 41457
2300 Heated SqFt
76'1 W x 65'8 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 2.5

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Finding the Right Bungalow House Plans

If you dislike staircases or your physical condition doesn’t allow you to climb stairs, a bungalow is the ideal home plan for you. The good news is that finding the ideal bungalow house plan is equally easy thanks to Family Home Plans. Our advanced search features hundreds of different bungalow floor plans and designs to suit your needs.

To use the advanced search function on our website, just enter the features you’re looking for, including the square footage, number of bedrooms and other amenities based on your preferences. You can sort the search results according to your specific requirements.

Types of Bungalow House Plans

We have several versions of bungalow house plans available on our website. Some of the most searched home plans include:

  • Modern bungalow
  • Craftsman bungalow
  • California bungalow
  • Tudor revival
  • Prairie style
  • Exterior bungalow

Why Choose Family Home Plans?

Buying a stock house plan is far better than designing a custom plan from scratch given that our in-stock plans are readily available. This means you can start building your bungalow right away without having to wait. Here are some additional reasons to work with Family Home Plans:

  1. We'll save you time and money: Drawing a custom plan can take weeks if not months. Plus, it costs a lot of money to hire a local architect to design a custom plan. As a result, it makes sense to opt for in-stock plans. At Family Home Plans, we have thousands of bungalow house plans that are readily available at affordable prices.
  2. We offer an advanced search: Family Home Plans has an advanced search feature that makes it easier for aspiring homeowners to find the perfect bungalow house designs. Our plans are arranged in various categories, making it easier for you to find what you’re looking for quickly.
  3. We have a price match guarantee: Apart from the special discounts we offer on multiple purchases, we have a price match guarantee that pledges to refund you up to five percent of the total cost if you find a similar plan featured elsewhere at a lower price.
  4. We provide custom plans: The best part about Family Home Plans is that all of our bungalow floor plans are easily customizable. You can modify any plan you like to fit your specific design requirements.

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Family Home Plans invites you to peruse our wide range of bungalow floor plans. We have a large collection to suit your lifestyle, preferences and budget. All you have to do is search through our plans to find one that fits your needs. Order your bungalow home plan today!