Farmhouse Style House Plans with Board and Batten Veneer
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Farmhouse Style Plans

Modern Farmhouse style houses have been around for decades, mostly in rural areas. However, due to their growing popularity, farmhouses are now more common even within city limits. They’re typically two-stories and have a wrap-around porch, family gathering areas, a cluster of bedrooms on the upper level, formal front rooms and a country kitchen. This makes farmhouses the ultimate solution to addressing the growing needs of your family.

Plan 51981

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House Plan 51981 Gallery
2373 Heated SqFt
70'6 W x 66'10 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 2.5
House Plan 41438
1924 Heated SqFt
61'7 W x 61'8 D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2.5
House Plan 80864
1698 Heated SqFt
61'6 W x 49'10 D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2.5
House Plan 80833
2428 Heated SqFt
81'10 W x 70'0 D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2.5
House Plan 80801 Gallery
2454 Heated SqFt
76'0 W x 70'8 D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2.5
House Plan 80523 Gallery
988 Heated SqFt
38'0 W x 32'0 D
Bed: 2 - Bath: 2
House Plan 51997
1398 Heated SqFt
52'4 W x 47'10 D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2
House Plan 42698 Gallery
3952 Heated SqFt
76'10 W x 78'2 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 4
House Plan 56705 Gallery
1416 Heated SqFt
51'0 W x 47'0 D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2
House Plan 41418 Gallery
2400 Heated SqFt
77'10 W x 78'1 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 3.5
House Plan 41445
2085 Heated SqFt
67'10 W x 74'7 D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2.5
House Plan 80818
1599 Heated SqFt
61'6 W x 44'6 D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2.5
House Plan 41413 Gallery
2290 Heated SqFt
80'10 W x 62'2 D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2.5
House Plan 56716
3086 Heated SqFt
85'8 W x 69'0 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 3.5
House Plan 41416
1889 Heated SqFt
67'2 W x 57'6 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 2
House Plan 75167 Gallery
1742 Heated SqFt
78'3 W x 54'3 D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2.5
House Plan 41849
2039 Heated SqFt
86'0 W x 70'0 D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2
House Plan 41436
2230 Heated SqFt
81'2 W x 66'6 D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2.5
House Plan 75170 Gallery
1302 Heated SqFt
51'2 W x 37'2 D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2
House Plan 41419 Gallery
2508 Heated SqFt
77'10 W x 81'7 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 3.5

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Find the Right Modern Farmhouse Plan

Drawing and designing a farmhouse plan from scratch might take ages. You typically have to hire a home planner or architect to draw a custom plan to meet your specific requirements. This is not only time consuming, but it’s also very expensive.

Fortunately, Family Home Plans offers a viable solution through our advanced search service. We have over 1,200 builder-ready farmhouse plans designed by highly experienced architects and designers. Whether you want an old farmhouse plan or modern, contemporary farmhouse plans, you can always rest assured that you will find what you’re looking for using our search utility.

Types of Farmhouse Plans

Farmhouses come in different designs and styles. The most common styles in our repository include:

  • Modern farmhouses plans
  • Contemporary farmhouse plans
  • Western farmhouse plans
  • Old farmhouse plans
  • Cottage farmhouse plans
  • Bohemian farmhouse plans
  • French farmhouse plans

Why Choose Family Home Plans?

Why choose us for your farmhouse plans? Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • User-friendly search utility: We have designed our search service to be fast and efficient, making it easier for you to find the appropriate farmhouse plan for your dream home. You just need to fill out our search form by entering your preferred features including the number of bathrooms, bedrooms and square footage to narrow down your options and find the exact plan you’re searching for. In the end, our user-friendly search service saves you time and money.

  • Builder-ready customizable plans: Drawing and designing a custom floor plan, even if it is a simple farmhouse plan, might take weeks if not months. This might cause several inconveniences in terms of building times and costs. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with Family Home Plans. Our stock blueprints and farmhouse plans are builder-ready, meaning you can place your order and expect your plan by the following business day. In addition, our plans are highly customizable, allowing you to make the necessary modifications to meet specific design requirements.

  • Low-price guarantee: Family Home Plans offers one of the best rates on the market. Our farmhouse plans are not only affordable, but they also offer good value for your money. To match that, we provide a low-price guarantee — if you find a similar plan at a lower price elsewhere, we promise to beat that price by 5% of the total cost.

Take the Next Step and Select Your Plan

Whether you’re looking for a simple farmhouse plan or a modern floor plan, Family Home Plans is ready to attend to your needs. We have an incisive search service that can help you find the right farmhouse plan to meet your specific design requirements. Try it out and purchase your plan today!