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Find the Right Garage Plan With Workshop

Now, you can easily search our unique collection of garages with home workshop plans. Our user-friendly search service is specially designed for discerning homeowners and property investors. If you follow our simple guide, you can locate the type of home workshop plan you want in a very short period:

  1. Click or tap the search button.
  2. Choose “garage plans.”
  3. Select “garage plan with workshop.”
  4. A list of plans for garage plans will be displayed with images of the front view.
  5. Click "Open Quick Plan View" to see a sketch of the actual plan.
  6. Click "More Plan Info" to get more specifications for the plan you want.
  7. You can see the pricing for the PDF or CAD file.
  8. If you want to see more plans from the same designer, you can do so on this page.
  9. Order the plan by clicking “Order Online.”

Types of Workshop Plans

Family Home Plans offers the best platform for finding a wide variety of home workshop plans. We work in partnership with many architects and designers to offer blueprints that you can easily convert into your dream workshop. Our collection of garage plans with workshops includes:

  • Home workshop plans with a loft
  • Single-car garage plans
  • multiple-car garage plans
  • Barn-style garage plans
  • Garages with boat storage
  • Garages with a carport
  • Garages with a loft
  • Garages with storage space

Why Family Home Plans?

Family Home Plans offers you the best customer experience when you’re looking for affordable garage and workshop plans. Our advanced search form will enable you to find what you want in a fast and convenient way. You can count on our commitment to helping you locate the ideal garage plan for your available space, tastes and budget.

We also present the following benefits:

  • Time and money savings: We’ve put the plans in well-defined collections and categories so that you can save time. We'll also help you save money by providing stock plans that you can buy for less than 20% of the price of hiring an architect to create a custom plan for you.
  • Price match guarantee: We offer the most competitive prices for home plans. If you find an exact plan being sold for a lower price elsewhere, we’ll give you a five percent discount.
  • Ability to customize plans: We provide custom modifications, so you can ask for a larger garage space or a modified workshop plan and we’ll happily accommodate your request.

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Call us now for more information or to ask questions about our garage and workshop plans. You can order any of our garage/workshop plans now by clicking on any of the plans and selecting “Order Online.”