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Find the Right Carport Plan

Whether you want a free-standing or a post and beam carport plan, Family Home Plans offers dozens of options to fit your needs and budget. Our search service makes it easy to find the carport design you’re looking for. You just need to fill out the dimensions of your desired open style carport and then refine your search to narrow down your options.

Types of Carport Plans

Carports are so popular because they come in a wide range of designs. These designs go a long way toward improving your home’s curb appeal and its overall appearance while protecting your car from harsh environmental conditions. Below are some of the carport plans we offer:

  • Freestanding carport plan
  • Post and beam carport plan
  • Garage plan with extra carport
  • Hip roof carport plan

Why Choose Family Home Plans?

It’s always a good idea to work with home designers you can trust. Family Home Plans is your trusted partner for producing pre-designed carport plans. We work with 150 house plan designers to deliver all types of floor plans and carport designs. Here are some additional benefits you'll receive when you work with us:

  • Efficient search service: We have an advanced search service that allows users to narrow down their options according to their lifestyle needs and lot size. Moreover, we classify all our plans in categories and collections, making it easier for clients to choose the ideal plan.
  • Custom modifications: Our floor plans, including carport plans, are highly customizable. Considering this, you can have our designers make necessary modifications to any plan, so your carport meets your exact needs.
  • Affordable plans: You can save up to 80% in drawing and designing costs by purchasing our stock blueprints rather than having a new carport plan designed by an architect or a local home designer. Buying directly from our site is cost-effective, and it also saves more time.
  • Let’s Take the Next Step

    If you’re torn between building a complete garage and constructing a carport, then you can make a more informed decision by trying out our search utility. We have some of the best carport plans available on the market today at wallet-friendly prices. Make your purchase with confidence today. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.