Ranch Style Duplex Plan With Private Decks

Ranch Style Duplex Plan

Ranch Style Duplex Plan With Private Decks

Ranch Style Duplex Plan 45360 is the perfect economical construction choice. Overall, the multi-family plan is 2,068 square feet of living space. This number includes both units. Each unit has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms for a grand total of 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Plus, the plan offers comfortable living space. The design is economical because it makes use of easy-to-obtain building materials. For example, it’s easy to find 2×4 studs for framing and vinyl siding at your local building supply store. So, construction can start right away!

One Story Ranch Style Duplex Plan

There are several great reasons to build a duplex. Firstly, a multifamily plan is a good way to plan your future. For example, a young couple can build this duplex and live on one side. The second unit can be rented out to pay for the mortgage! Not only that, but the landlords can keep a close eye on the rented unit and keep up with the maintenance easily. When your family grows, you can move on to a larger home for your family. In the meantime, rent out the second unit and keep building up your finances!

Secondly, as time goes on, you may choose to allow your grown children to live in your duplex as they get started in life. Later, the duplex is a great place to retire when you want to downsize. Many generations will benefit from this simple and economical duplex design. Thirdly, construction should be fast, and maintenance should be easy. Construction should be fast because the materials are easy to find at local building supply companies. And maintenance is easy for the same reason. Need new siding? No problem because it only takes a trip to the local store.

2 Bedrooms 2 Baths Per Unit

Now let’s talk about the specifications of Ranch Style Duplex Plan 45360. The overall size of this multifamily plan is 57 feet wide by 46 feet deep. The standard plan calls for 2×4 walls with the foundation type: stem wall slab or crawlspace. However, you have options to change to basement or monolithic slab for additional fees. Check with your builder to make sure that the design will fit on your lot and to find out what type of foundation is best for you.

Occupants will love that they have a private deck on the back of the building. The decks are separated by the full bathrooms which are attached to the bedrooms #2 inside. Bedrooms number 1 will have access to the full guest bathrooms which are off the hallway. Inside each unit, there is a spacious living room, dining space, and U-shaped kitchen which opens to the back deck. Lastly, find conveniences like the linen closets, furnace closet, washer and dryer closet, and coat closet inside each unit. Click here to see the specs and pricing at Family Home Plans. Save this plan by pinning the brochure below:




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