One Car Garage Plans
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1 Car Garage Plans

Our one-car garage plans are perfect for those who need just a bit more space for storing that extra car, truck or boat – especially on smaller building sites. It seems that you can never have too much storage space, and that being the case, we encourage you to build your single car garage as large as possible. You’ll appreciate the added square footage for storing bicycles, lawn and garden equipment and sports gear. If you’re planning to house a higher-profile vehicle, be sure to select a design with appropriately sized garage door openings. Enjoy searching our collection of 1 car garage plans.

Plan 95284
336 Heated SqFt
17'6 W x 24'0 D
Bed: 1 - Bath: 1
393 Heated SqFt
14'0 W x 30'0 D
Bed: 1 - Bath: 1
1042 Heated SqFt
24'0 W x 36'0 D
Bed: 2 - Bath: 1

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A Guide to One-Car Garage Plans

A detached one-car garage gives you plenty of room to store your vehicle or other valuables on your property. Besides car or equipment storage, you can also use it as a work, entertainment or guest space. At Family Home Plans, we offer more than one hundred single-car garage plans in various architectural styles to accommodate your current property. This guide discusses the features and benefits of a one-car garage plan to help you decide how to build yours.

Advantages of a Detached One-Car Garage

A single detached garage adds value to your home in the following ways:

  • Less noise: Since an attached garage shares a wall with the rest of your home, people in the house can hear you while you're working in the garage. You may also be concerned about whether you're disturbing your loved ones when you use your power tools, practice an instrument or watch TV. With a detached garage some distance from your main property, you can have a calm, quiet environment to work and indulge in hobbies. You can also have peace of mind that the noise won't bother anyone.
  • More privacy: When you're trying to get work done or have a moment alone to yourself, you want a stress-free atmosphere free from interruptions. A detached garage offers a private place for work, spending free time or enjoying your loved ones' company. You can also use it to host overnight guests. Instead of having them in your home and interrupting your daily routine, your visitors can feel welcome on your property and have their own space.
  • Complements older-style homes: The attached garage is a relatively new design, so it sometimes looks out of place on a traditional or historic home. Single detached garages initially looked like carriage-style houses, so they fit into your older house's design. You can also find garage plans of different architectural styles to complement your existing property.
  • Protects the home from harmful gases: Your car emits gases into your garage if you leave it running. The weed killer, paint, pesticides and heavy cleaners you may store in your garage can also release toxins into the air if you spill them. A detached garage allows you to keep these harmful contaminants out of your home so your family can breathe clean air.
  • Limits home access points: The garage door can be a significant entryway into the main house. An intruder can try to open it manually or sneak in through a window so they can walk into your home through the garage entry door. A detached garage provides additional security because it removes this access point from the rest of the house.
  • Allows room to expand: Your detached garage may be the perfect size for your property now, but it's also possible to build onto it in the future. Even though an attached garage is limited to your existing structure's size and framing, you can conveniently expand a detached one depending on your future lifestyle and family needs.

Browse Our Collection of Single Detached Garage Plans

At Family Home Plans, we provide more than one hundred one-car garage plans on our website to build next to your new or existing home. Discover a detached garage plan for your vehicle, holiday decorations, equipment or taking part in your favorite hobbies. You can use our search filters to narrow your search and find the perfect garage for your property.

After looking at our garage plans, you still might not find exactly what you want. In that case, we can offer you a quote to modify one of our plans to make it more suitable for your property. Reach out to our representatives to start planning the detached garage plan of your dreams today.