A Guide to Log Home Plans

A Guide to Log Home Plans

A Guide to Log Home Plans

If you’re dreaming of building a log home but aren’t sure what plan to bring to your builders, don’t worry. There are plenty of log cabin designs to choose from, especially when you purchase a plan from us at Family Home Plans. Before you decide on a plan, it helps to explore your options and examine the benefits of choosing a log house style for your home. In this guide, we’ll address a handful of common questions and other aspects of log home designs that entice so many to select cozy cabins as their future homes.

Common Features of Log Homes

A log house offers a stunning combination of simplicity and natural beauty. Many log homes earn their charm from the following common features:

  • Large windows: Because log cabins are often surrounded by peaceful wilderness, you want to let in as much natural light and scenery as possible. Many cabin plans achieve this by including large feature windows that provide gorgeous views and plenty of light.
  • Unique materials: Textured logs and other natural materials in a log home create an eye-catching look, no matter the style. Whether modern or traditional, log cabins have unique facades and profiles that make them appealing to a variety of style preferences.
  • A loft space: Many log cabin home plans incorporate a loft space. Some homeowners use this area as an office space, a spare bedroom or an entertaining area. The loft often flows into a common room below, providing a sense of togetherness and openness to your log cabin.
  • Feature ceilings: With a loft space or A-frame cabin comes beautiful high ceilings that are vaulted for an added touch of detail. The result is an impressive and airy space that can let in even more natural light with the large windows.
  • Handcrafted touches: Log homes put quality craftsmanship on display, and that’s evident in every detail. From handcrafted stairs to cut timbers in a vaulted ceiling, these components are common and beautiful features of log homes.

As you search for log home plans, consider which of the above features may be right your style or vision. These elements can help narrow down your options from an array of log cabin designs to find your perfect home.

5 Benefits of Log Homes

Log cabins are gorgeous, and they also come with plenty of benefits to you as a homeowner. From money-saving features to advantages that improve your quality of life every day, the benefits that come with owning and living in a log house make it a desirable style choice. Five benefits you can look forward to when you choose a log cabin plan for your home include:

Benefits of Log Homes
  1. Better acoustics: Many find living in a log house comes with pleasant acoustics. The walls are thick and textured, and because of that, they can help keep out loud noises or reduce the echo inside. You may not consider the acoustics of your home too much, but if your log house is great at reducing echoes and loud noises, you’ll be happy not to notice.
  2. Better air quality: The wooden logs of a cabin help to purify the air and control humidity. You’ll cut down on the need for a dehumidifier, humidifier or air purifier when your walls keep the atmosphere in your home just right. Those with allergies often find relief in log cabins thanks to this benefit.
  3. Sustainability: If you work with a sustainable builder for your log cabin, you’ll be using a reliable and renewable resource to create your home. Using standing dead timber is a great way to incorporate building materials that reduce your cabin’s environmental impact. You can work with a builder who is dedicated to green practices to create a home that’s even more sustainable.
  4. Energy efficiency: With proper building practices and seals at various points of your cabin, a log home can be more energy efficient than other homes. You may be able to save on heating and cooling costs over time when you choose this style of home.
  5. Durability: Log homes are built to last. With sturdy building materials and smart building designs, log cabins have been known to stand for hundreds of years. You’ll feel safe in your log home and know that you’ll be able to pass it down for generations to come.

Many homeowners who live in log houses also find that they feel more tranquil and at ease in their homes. Log cabins and log home styles have a secluded feel that makes every day feel like a vacation.

Types of Log Home Plans

Family Home Plans works in partnership with architects, building designers and other stakeholders in the building design industry to put together a collection of more than 30,000 home plans. We have various types of log home plans, including:

  • Log home plans with garages
  • Log home plans for vacation
  • Log home plans with loft space
  • Log home plans with master suites
  • Log home plans with vaulted ceilings
  • Luxury log home plans
  • Cottage-style log home plans
  • Log cabin plans

Find the perfect log home or cabin designs as you plan your dream home when you search with us. Building your own home is filled with plenty of decisions. Our goal is to help make the process a bit easier with our array of pre-designed options.

3 Examples of Log Home Plans

Log home designs are surprisingly versatile, coming in a wide variety of styles and sizes with an equally generous range of added features — from garages to carports. At Family Home Plans, we have an extensive catalog of log cabin floor plans. Here are three examples of log homes we’ve designed:

1. The Country Style: Log Style House Plan 43211

This two-level log cabin design features 955 square feet of porch space that wraps around the first level of the home. Cozy up by the fireplace included in this country-style plan, which also includes these specs:

  • Two bedrooms
  • One full bath
  • A one-car carport
  • 1,054 square feet of living area
  • 732 square feet of bonus space

If your plot of land is primarily wooded or you don’t have much yard space to work with, the wrap around porch provides plenty of outdoor space to use. Add an outdoor dining space in front of the house for a pleasant entertaining space close to the kitchen. The covered carport adds convenience and protects your car, while the covered entrance leading into the home near the kitchen makes grocery trips and outings on rainy days much easier.

2. The Tiny Home: Log Style House Plan 6024

Tiny living has been on-trend in recent years, and the charming style of a log home emphasizes the cozy feel of a tiny home. Log Style House Plan 6024 keeps things simple for the perfect tiny retreat. Whether you’re working with a small plot of land or want to make a change from a traditional living space, consider this design that includes:

  • One bedroom
  • 60 square feet of loft space
  • 201 square feet of total living area

The first level of this tiny home can hold your living necessities without the need to save space for your bed, thanks to the open loft above. The 60 square foot loft area is the perfect place to keep your mattress in this tiny home cabin.

With 61 square feet of covered porch, you can extend your livable space during warm seasons to sit outside and enjoy the scenery around you. This plan would also be great for those with a larger property looking for a secluded and unique guest space, which you can adjust as you’d like with a free modification estimate from our team.

3. The Craftsman: Log Style House Plan 43214

Celebrate the natural materials of your log home with this Craftsman option. The roofline incorporates log details, and the facade combines them with textured stone touches. This option is perfect for larger families or those who want a guest space in their home. In this design plan, you’ll find:

The Craftsman
  • Three bedrooms
  • Two full baths
  • 1,416 square feet of living area

Each of the three bedrooms in the design could comfortably fit double beds. The master features a large closet and a conveniently attached bathroom, which has space for a shower, tub and double vanity. The other two bedrooms across the hall are next to a full bathroom, which also features two sinks for ultimate convenience.

With 348 square feet of porch space in the front and back of the home, Plan 43214 would create an ideal home for a lot surrounded by nature. The master bedroom features outdoor access, and so does the laundry room, which provides a convenient mudroom area for days spent outside.

While this log cabin plan does not include a garage or carport, we’d be happy to provide a free modification estimate for that addition or other changes you’d like to see for this plan.

Log Homes FAQ

With log cabin floor plans and other possible designs in mind, you may have a few more questions about log homes as you make your decision. We’ve gathered a few frequently asked questions about log homes to help you understand more about the building process and what makes log homes a great choice:

What Logs Are Best for Log Homes?

It may feel like there are as many wood species out there as there are styles of log cabin homes, which may make choosing the right variety for your home feel intimidating. An experienced builder will be able to suggest the right materials for your needs, but in general, they’ll consider factors like these:

  • Choosing wood species that grow near the location of your home provides more reasonably priced options.
  • Dense, slow-growing trees create strong building materials that crack less as the log dries for use in a cabin.
  • Trees that have fallen or are cut in winter will have lower sap levels, reducing the risk of mold.

The location of your home is one of the more significant factors used in picking the right logs for your cabin or house. In the eastern United States, white and red pines or cedar are popular options, while the southeast features plenty of white and yellow pine for log homes. In the central states, white and yellow pine are also popular, along with cedar and hardwoods rather than soft. The West Coast has plenty of red cedar, spruce and fir for its log homes.

Even when you consider your location, you still have plenty of log options. Be sure to work with an experienced log home builder to help you make the right choice.

Are Log Homes Cheaper Than Regular Homes?

It’s difficult to give a definitive answer to whether log homes are cheaper than ones made with other construction materials. Pricing depends on the size, layout and style of your log home and where you source the materials from. 

Many say a regular home is cheaper than a log home, but that depends on the amenities inside and other features. If you’d like to save money on the design of your home, choosing a pre-made plan from Family Home Plans will be cheaper than a from-scratch original design.

Is It Better to Build a New Log Home or to Buy?

While you could buy an existing log home, this option doesn’t give you the same level of flexibility and customization you get when you build a new home. When you build new, you get to choose the land for your home, a floor plan that meets your needs and an exterior and interior that suit your tastes. Building a new log home can fill you with a sense of pride after you bring your dream to life and can then pass it down through generations to come.

Do You Need Blueprints to Build a Log Home?

You wouldn’t want to build a piece of complex furniture without the instructions, so it follows that builders need blueprints to create your home. Floor plans serve as a simplified visualization tool for the future homeowner, but builders need detailed specs, which we provide when you purchase a design.

How Many Sets of Blueprints Are Needed to Build a Log Home?

There isn’t a set number of blueprints you need because it depends on who’s working on your project. In general, you’ll want to have a copy for yourself, one for your builder, one for the bank and one for every contractor and subcontractor. Speak with your builder about their needs to know for sure how many sets of blueprints you need.

Why Family Home Plans?

We’re committed to helping as many homeowners as we can to transform their dream into a reality. We do so by providing the largest collection of house plans at the best prices available online. Our online search system offers you the following benefits:

Why Family Home Plans
  • Time and cost savings: With our search functions, you can find the type of home plan you want within a few seconds. Such speed will enable you to save precious time and resources. You’ll also cut costs by finding a stock home design that will save you 80% of the cost of hiring an architect to draw a plan for you.
  • Price match guarantee: If you find any other site that’s offering the same plan for a lower price, we’ll give you a 5% discount on it.
  • Ability to customize plans: Our home plans are not set in stone. You can easily request a modification that meets your unique needs and suits your lifestyle. Email us with a plan you’re considering, specific changes you’d like to see and other details for a free modification estimate.

How to Choose a Log Cabin Home Plan

The process of searching for your log home plan is now fast and convenient with our user-friendly search service. With a few simple details, you can find the exact type of log home plan you want within minutes. You can browse the log homes above if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, but if you have an idea, our search and advanced search options can help you narrow down the results.

To refine your search with more specifications, use the search form on this page. Specify the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you’re searching for, as well as other features like the number of stories and garage bays. Use the advanced search to narrow down the results even more with options like the garage type, bonus rooms and more. You can also give us a call now to learn more about any of the plans we offer.

Browse Log Home Plans

Ready to find the design that will become your future log home? Explore the styles above for something that’s sure to suit your tastes. With 100 years of experience designing homes, we’ve got an option for every style, need and price range.

If you’ve found a plan you like or have questions about a design, contact us today at 800-482-0464. We’d be happy to answer any questions about our log home plans or modifications you’d like to make to create a home that perfectly suits your lifestyle.

Browse Log Home Plans

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