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Specifications and Pricing

Country Farmhouse Ranch House Plan 74834 Elevation
See Elevation and Floor Plan(s)

Welcome home to this delightful country "ranch" offering both beauty and an array of superb features. Boasting 2,294 square feet, this carefully designed home includes a country kitchen, relaxing sc...

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Previous Ask The Designer Q & A
Question: What size are the garage doors?
Answer: Garage doors are 9x7
Date Posted: 06-Dec-18

Question: When 8 sets of a plan are ordered, what size(s) are the prints? (24x36?) and how many pages in each one of the 8 sets?
Answer: This drawing set has 13 pages and paper size is 24x36
Date Posted: 19-Nov-18

Question: My husband and I would like to view this plan with a daylight basement. What do we need to do to be able to see how the plan would look like? We need to see the actual layout of the basement. We are going to be building soon and we love this plan. I wish there was some real pictures of this plan. I was wondering if the basement would be like plan number 93483 I thought the plans favor a lot. Thank you!
Answer: The basement option for this design is a fully underground basement vs. a daylight or walkout. The basement is also unfinished.
Date Posted: 02-Mar-18

Question: My husband and I are thinking about buying this house plan we've had it saved for several years. Do you have any pictures of it built or a virtual tour?
Answer: I regret that there are no pictures available for this design.
Date Posted: 23-Feb-18

Question: Is the front porch part of the foundation? Is the screened porch part part of the foundation or part of the raised deck? What is the "mech"closet on the main floor intended for? Do the plans include a "plumbing ground"??
Answer: Front porch is on a foundation and part of the house foundation. Rear porch is constructed with decking and part of the deck. Mech closet is the mechanical closet – used for air handler or water heater. Plumbing plans are not part of the plan set.
Date Posted: 13-Feb-18

Question: I noticed two circles in the family room, one on both sides of the fan. I was wondering what this was... thank you!
Answer: Those are circles with an arrow that state VLT – abbreviation for a vaulted ceiling.
Date Posted: 02-Jan-18

Question: Do you have a floor plan showing a daylight basement? Where the stairs are and windows located in basement?
Answer: Fully underground basement is all that’s available. Walkout or daylight will require custom modifications. Stair location though for the standard basement is located under the stairs leading to the bonus level. Freezer in the hall is removed and the entrance to the stairs starts there.
Date Posted: 02-May-17

Question: Does a plan for this exist that does not have the upstairs option?
Answer: All variations have a bonus level of some kind.
Date Posted: 06-Mar-17

Question: What is the garage ridge height and dining/living rm ridge height for plan 74834?
Answer: Main ridge height is 25’-6”. Garage ridge height is 20’-6”
Date Posted: 06-Mar-17

Question: Could you tell me the number of pages that are in this set of plans with a basement foundation?
Answer: 12 sheets.
Date Posted: 18-Jan-17

Question: Would it be possible for me to see the floor plan with a basement foundation? I would like to see any changes the basement causes to the first floor. Example: the mechanical closet and coat closet.
Answer: Mech closet simply becomes a storage closet. The frzr is removed and the entrance to the basement stairs is placed there. Stairs go down under the current stairs leading to the upper level. Storage closet in the laundry is also removed.
Date Posted: 13-Jan-17

Question: Can you leave the bonus area as open space free of walls?
Answer: There are support posts in the walls shown. The walls can be removed. However, not the posts.
Date Posted: 11-Nov-16

Question: Is there a model home built of this plan where I could see the finished project? If not, do you have any inside pictures of a completed home using this plan?
Answer: We do not track building site and construction statuses. And I regret that we have no interior pictures available for marketing.
Date Posted: 13-Sep-16

Question: Where is the staircase located when purchasing basement plan? And how much sq footage does the staircase add to the foot print?
Answer: Stairs are accessible from the laundry room and go down under the current stairs leading tot eh bonus level.
Date Posted: 06-Sep-16

Question: What is the house height at it's highest point?
Answer: Ridge height is 25ft. from the main floor elevation. The national cost to build average does not include the land, septic or water. It is for the house only.
Date Posted: 06-Jun-16

Question: What is the total square footage under roof including the garage?
Answer: Total under roof is 4921 sq.ft. – main level, bonus level, porches, and garage.
Date Posted: 16-May-16

Question: Hi what is the total square footage when everything is complete ?
Answer: Main floor is 2294 and bonus is 1562. Total would be 3856 sq.ft.
Date Posted: 16-May-16

Question: Plan #74834 shows a dormer in BR above garage, but the elevations do not indicate one. Other similar plans (93483, 74854, 92443) do not show a dormer. Is there a dormer?
Answer: There is a dormer for this design. It is simply not seen at the angle the 3-D digital renderings were created at.
Date Posted: 18-Apr-16

Question: Is the computer center open to the family room below?
Answer: Ceiling height in the family room is not high enough to have that option. Subsequently, the computer center is not open to below.
Date Posted: 14-Sep-15

Question: Would it be possible to NOT have a wall between the country kitchen and the family room or do you need that for support?
Answer: Wall is a support wall. So if the wall is removed an engineer will need to size a beam to replace it. It is also worth noting that there a posts in the wall as well. These posts are located under point loads above.
Date Posted: 03-Aug-15

Question: Is there any pictures of this house already built yet?
Answer: Fairly new design so I regret that no photos from completed projects from our clients on file yet.
Date Posted: 26-May-15

Question: what is the taltol sq ft in the whole house
Answer: To include the garage, front porch, rear porch, and deck into the main level area, the total will be 3,577 sq.ft. Add that with the upper level living area, the total will be 5,139 sq.ft.
Date Posted: 06-Apr-15

Question: What are the sizes of the 4 bathrooms?
Answer: Both bedroom baths: 7/4x5/0
Pwdr: 5/2x5/6
Mstr: 9/3x13/0

Date Posted: 16-Jan-15

Question: With adding the basement plan, where would those stairs be located?
Answer: Storage closet in the laundry is removed and a door is placed there for the stairs to go down under the stairs leading to the bonus level.
Date Posted: 06-Jan-15

Question: Do you have a picture of this house in real view with the upstairs added? I really love it but I am having a hard time visualizing it
Answer: No photos of actual builds on file for this design yet.
Date Posted: 05-Nov-14

Question: do the plans show the pluming and mechanical layouts, and site work,
Answer: Items in question are not included in the plans.
Date Posted: 14-Jul-14

Question: What's the totally sq foot under roof for plan 74834?
Answer: 4915 sq.ft.
Date Posted: 08-Jul-14

Question: Do you have any views/pictures on any interior rooms? Or are their any photos from anyone that has used this plan to build?
Answer: I regret that there are no further images or photos on record for this design.
Date Posted: 06-Jan-14

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Q. What is the estimated price to build this plan?
A. The national average for a house is running right at $125.00 per SF. You can get more detailed information by clicking the Cost-To-Build tab at the top of this page. Sorry, but we cannot give cost estimates for garage, multifamily or project plans.

House Plan 74834

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Specifications Pricing Information
  • Total Living Area: 2294
  • Main Living Area: 2294
  • Bonus Area: 1562
  • Garage Type: Attached
  • Garage Bays: 2
  • House Width: 71'2
  • House Depth: 64'6
  • Number of Stories: 1
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Full Baths: 3
  • Half Baths: 1
  • Max Ridge Height: 25' from Front Door Floor Level
  • Primary Roof Pitch: 0
  • Roof Framing: Unknown
  • Porch: 200 sq ft
  • Formal Dining Room: Yes
  • FirePlace: Yes
  • 1st Floor Master: Yes
  • Main Ceiling Height: 9'

    Available Foundation Types:
  • Basement - * $250.00 Total Living Area may increase with Basement Foundation option - please call to confirm before ordering.
  • Crawlspace
  • Slab - * $250.00

    Available Exterior Wall Types:
  • 2x4
  • 2x6 - $250.00 (Please call for drawing time.)

    * May require additional drawing time.
  • 5 Sets of Same Plan: $1,145.00
  • 8 Sets of Same Plan: $1,195.00
  • Reproducible Set of Same Plan: $1,345.00
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  • Materials List: $125.00
  • Right Reading (True) Reverse: $175.00
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  • Additional Sets: $55.00

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    Plan Number 74800

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    Country Farmhouse Ranch House Plan 74834 Rear Elevation

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