4 Bedroom House Plans
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4 Bedroom House Plans

As your family grows, you’ll certainly need more space to accommodate everyone in the household. This is where moving to a 4-bedroom house becomes more of a priority rather than a luxury. 4-bedroom house plans allow children to have their own space while creating room for guests, in-laws and elderly relatives. What’s more exciting is that the extra bedrooms don’t necessarily have to be sleeping quarters. You can convert the bedrooms into a home office, exercise room, yoga studio or a game room, depending on your needs and preferences. Family Home Plans offers a huge collection of 4-bedroom house plans that are available in a wide range of styles and specifications to fit your tastes. Our house designs are highly customizable, giving aspiring homeowners more options in terms of flexibility.

4171 Plans

House Plan 41418 Gallery
2400 Heated SqFt
77'10 W x 78'1 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 3.5
House Plan 75134 Gallery
2482 Heated SqFt
81'6 W x 86'6 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 3.5
House Plan 56716
3086 Heated SqFt
85'8 W x 69'0 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 3.5
House Plan 41419 Gallery
2508 Heated SqFt
77'10 W x 81'7 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 3.5
House Plan 41423
2716 Heated SqFt
76'10 W x 87'7 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 3
House Plan 41434
2534 Heated SqFt
87'2 W x 56'2 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 3.5
House Plan 51996
3076 Heated SqFt
88'0 W x 67'8 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 3.5
House Plan 81314
2055 Heated SqFt
40'0 W x 56'0 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 3
House Plan 41405
3095 Heated SqFt
111'5 W x 75'2 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 3.5
House Plan 56710 Gallery
2390 Heated SqFt
66'0 W x 84'0 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 3
House Plan 66248
3193 Heated SqFt
130 W x 66'11 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 3.5
House Plan 41401
3272 Heated SqFt
122'3 W x 76'5 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 3.5
House Plan 52164
1770 Heated SqFt
50'0 W x 46'0 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 3.5
House Plan 51983
3044 Heated SqFt
74'0 W x 82'10 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 3.5
House Plan 77419 Gallery
2352 Heated SqFt
56'0 W x 52'0 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 3
House Plan 82230 Gallery
2470 Heated SqFt
85'6 W x 61'3 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 3.5
House Plan 76550
2055 Heated SqFt
30'0 W x 40'0 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 3
House Plan 41440
2666 Heated SqFt
82'1 W x 58'4 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 3
House Plan 41904 Gallery
2889 Heated SqFt
40'0 W x 60'6 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 3.5
House Plan 44192 Gallery
2309 Heated SqFt
66'0 W x 62'0 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 3.5

FHP Low Price Guarantee

If you find the exact same plan featured on a competitor's web site at a lower price, advertised OR special SALE price, we will beat the competitor's price by 5% of the total, not just 5% of the difference! To take advantage of our guarantee, please call us at 800-482-0464 or email us the website and plan number when you are ready to order. Our guarantee extends up to 4 weeks after your purchase, so you know you can buy now with confidence.

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Find the Right 4-Bedroom House Plan

Family Home Plans has an advanced floor plan search that allows you to find the ideal 4-bedroom house plan that meets your needs and preferences. We have over 9,000 4-bedroom home plans designed to fit any lifestyle.

To use our search, you just need to fill out a few details such as the square footage, number of bathrooms, stories and garage bays among other features. Alternatively, you may leave the search spaces blank to have a view of all the available plans with the bestselling plans appearing first.

Types of 4-Bedroom House Plans

Four-bedroom house plans are typically 2-stories. However, you may choose any configuration ranging from one story to two-story to three-story floor plans depending on the size of your family.

4-bedroom house plans at one story are ideal for families living with elderly parents who may have difficulty climbing stairs. You can also opt for a one-story plan if you intend to make optimal use of the lot size.

Our 4-bedroom, two-story house plans offer prospective homeowners a wide range of options in terms of available amenities. You can choose a home plan that comes with studies, mudrooms, fireplaces and walk-in pantries.

Why Choose Family Home Plans?

Family Home Plans offers a user-friendly search service with close to 50,000 different house plans at your disposal. The service is very easy to use, and it delivers fast results and a wide range of options. Here are a few additional reasons why you should work with us:

  • Customizable plans: Whether you want to add another room to your 4-bedroom house plan or you need to attach a garage bay, our plans are highly customizable to suit your specific needs.
  • Price match guarantee: Our rates are highly competitive. Moreover, we promise to beat lower competitor prices of similar plans by 5% of the total cost.
  • Saves time and money: The overall costs of enlisting an architect is somewhat out of reach for many aspiring homeowners. Additionally, drawing a 4-bedroom house plan from scratch may take weeks if not months. Considering this, acquiring our house plans is affordable as well as time-saving.

Family Home Plans strives to provide you with viable 4-bedroom house plans to suit your needs within any budget range. You don’t have to look any further to find your dream 4-bedroom mansion or bungalow. Browse our website and get in touch with us if you have questions.