Update and Remodel: A New Style For Your Home

Update and Remodel: A New Style For Your Home

When many homeowners hear the word remodel they almost have a heart attack. After all, that one simple word generally means spending thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to update an existing structure.

However, updating and remodeling your home doesn’t have to cost you a third of the purchase price. You just need to make sure that what you do has a big impact on your space, and create a new style for your home.

Use the tips below to help you update and remodel your home to give it a new style without having to take out a second mortgage.

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Paint Your Space

When it comes to updating your home without spending a small fortune, the easiest and most cost-effective thing that you can do is to put a fresh coat of paint on your walls. A drab, dull space can quickly become a bold, bright one, and those pieces of furniture you feel sick of can look brand new to you.

A small space that feels claustrophobic will likely benefit more from light or neutral colors to help open it up. Big spaces that feel cavernous can take darker colors, and they’ll feel more cozy in navy blue than aqua, for example.

Install A Fireplace

What’s more relaxing than gathering around the fireplace? Almost nothing. Even if you don’t spend that much time directly in front of it warming up in the winter, a fireplace can add a beautiful decorative touch to your space without costing you a lot of money.

Installing a fireplace may not be as easy as a coat of paint, but there are other options like an ethanol fireplace which heats a room using clean bio ethanol fuel. It will easily become the centerpiece of any room.  Just make sure you pick a fireplace that matches your style, whether that’s contemporary, traditional or somewhere in-between.

Adding a fireplace to your home can also help boost its resale value.

Put In Windows

Old windows can look great if they’ve been well-maintained. However in many homes they simply look old – not like antique pieces that give a home character.

Replacing your windows with new ones also allows you to make your home more energy efficient. New windows will save you a lot of money on your bills while improving the look of your home.

You might even be able to quality for a tax write-off or a special government program for installing energy efficient windows in your home.

Focus on the Front

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The outside of your home is the first thing visitors see. It’s also the first thing people notice if you’re thinking about selling in the near future. That’s why focusing on the front of your home is one of the best things you can do to increase resale value without even touching the inside.

Start with your landscaping and consider what you could change. Perhaps adding flowers or full-grown trees could make a big difference. Updating your pathway to natural stone or adding new lights to your space could also be beneficial.

Along with updating your landscaping, painting your front door can give your house a bold look. Pick a bright, vibrant color that won’t go out of style next year.

Updating and remodeling your home doesn’t have to mean moving out and spending your life savings. It can be a process you do over time and as you can afford it. These small changes can all be implemented within a year, and you’ll be surprised how much more you love your home.

Best of all, these updates can all make your home worth more than when you bought it.

Naomi Shaw is an established home renovator who lives in Southern California. She enjoys writing and sharing her tips and tricks from experience. In her free time she loves to hang with her children and find new ways to spruce up her home.

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