A Guide to Luxury House Plans

Luxury House Plans

A Guide to Luxury House Plans

A Guide to Luxury House Plans

Luxury homes are no longer just for celebrities and billionaires. Nowadays, you can use luxury home plans to build a custom house to suit the unique needs of your family. Luxury house plans can range in style, such as modern or ranch, and in included amenities, such as a pool or outdoor kitchen. The number of bedrooms and any additional rooms separate from the main house are also customizable based on your needs and wants.

The features of luxury houses vary from simple to elaborate depending on what is important to you as a homeowner. Some people value a professional-grade kitchen, while others are more interested in ensuring there is adequate closet space. Whatever your needs, the features of luxury homes can be a reflection of your personality. 

Common Features of Luxury Houses

There is a never-ending selection of features for luxury homes — even more than are available for regular homes. Which features you incorporate into your home will depend on your list of priorities and necessities. There are several features that are often included in a luxury home, be it for their convenience or their status symbol:

1. Entertainment Room

A luxury home comes with the option to create a specialized area for entertainment. This can be as simple as a TV room or as elaborate as a home theater. Many luxury homeowners opt for the latter because they have the space for it. A projector or a large TV in a soundproof room can help create the atmosphere of the cinema. 

If movies aren’t your thing, there’s still plenty of potential for entertainment. Some people opt for a more active game room, filling it with a ping-pong table and video games. Others go a step further and build an indoor bowling alley in their home or even an indoor basketball court, allowing them to reap the benefits of a recreation center in the comfort of their own home.

2. Home Fitness

An indoor basketball court can double as entertainment as well as fitness. Including a home gym with exercise equipment in your luxury house floor plans means you can exercise in the privacy of your own home. Alternately, you can opt for a luxury house plan with an indoor pool, adding an adjoined personal changing room and shower so you can enjoy a daily swim without walking around smelling like a public pool all day.

If ballet or yoga is more your speed, your home gym can become a private dance studio or meditation room, allowing you to exercise your body, mind and soul in your own home.

3. Spa Bathroom

Modern luxury house plans may include elaborate bathrooms that resemble spas more than mere bathrooms. With large bathtubs, separate hot tubs, a rain shower and other amenities of your choosing, spa-like bathrooms can make you feel like you’re getting a spa treatment every day. Coupling spa bathrooms with a home gym is a popular part of luxury house designs, along with using stone or wood to enhance the spa ambiance. Many customize their spa with a fireplace, heated floors and towel heaters to instill a sense of utmost comfort and convenience.

4. Indoor and Outdoor Living

A big benefit of a luxury home is the space it affords. Even small luxury house plans can cleverly bring the indoors to the outdoors and vice versa with solarium-like rooms that consist of a glass wall. This glass wall can act as a sliding door, opening up and disappearing to the side to allow a combined indoor and outdoor space complete with comfortable seating and an outdoor kitchenette. 

Luxury house plans with pools are especially beneficial for making use of the indoor-outdoor combination, allowing for an easy route from the main house to the pool. It can be ideal for rainy days when you don’t want to be caught in a shower but still want to enjoy the smells and sounds of good rainfall. Combining the indoor and outdoor areas is also a great option for bungalows, and luxury one-story home plans can easily be modified to fit in a room at the back of the house that can open up into the backyard.

Indoor And Outdoor Living

5. Wine Cellar

If your luxury house designs include a professional-grade kitchen and a formal dining room, you will likely want to include a wine cellar as well. While traditional wine cellars — located in actual cellars — are still a valid option, many modern homeowners opt for above-ground wine cellars that are temperature-controlled to ensure quality. Curated lighting and shelving coupled with clear glass walls can make the wine room a centerpiece in the kitchen, adding a new level of class to your home’s ambiance.

6. Smart Home Technology

A luxury home comes with a lot of square footage, and the additional electronic appliances can be hard to keep track of. This may result in wasted power in a sprawling home. Smart home technology isn’t restricted to luxury homes, but luxury homes may benefit from it the most. 

The ability to control your home’s security, power usage and other details from your tablet or smartphone brings a new level of convenience. If you find yourself comfortably settled in bed but can’t remember if you locked the back door, smart home technology allows you to check without having to leave your bed. And if you prefer coming home to a lit house, you can turn on certain lights from a distance, so you’re never entering a dark house. 

5 Unique Benefits of Luxury Homes

Benefits of Luxury Homes

Your luxury house plans will give you a general idea of the benefits that come with luxury living, such as a separate dining room and living room or the beauty of open floor plans. Luxury homes offer some other unique bonuses:

1. Privacy

Privacy is one of the major perks of luxury living. Whether your luxury home is in the middle of a bustling metropolis or in the scenic countryside, privacy is a sought-after perk for homeowners everywhere. Aside from choosing a secluded area to build your home in, you can also include a walled perimeter for your property, keeping others from walking or looking in while allowing you to look out at a scenic view from within.

Walled or fenced perimeters are also a great addition to luxury ranch house plans since they allow you to enjoy your outdoor space without the worry of prying eyes. 

2. Ambiance

The ambiance of your luxury home can be one of positivity and contentment. After all, the home is built to your unique preferences, which may make you feel more comfortable and secure in the home. Comfort, security and a sense of belonging are all factors that improve well-being, and luxury homes allow you to curate your environment so it complements your needs and emotions.

3. Space

Another benefit of luxury housing is space. Whether the square footage of the house itself or the average of the plot your house stands on, luxury homes can guarantee you the space you need for all your possessions, family and friends. Customization becomes much easier with ample space, ensuring you have room for any overnight guests and in-law suites for long-term guests. 

4. Maintenance

Luxury homes are built to last, so they usually do not require a lot of daily maintenance. This is great for convenience and cost-efficiency because a low-maintenance home means you do not need to invest in repairs and upkeep constantly. Minimal maintenance also saves you money in the long run and improves your overall quality of life.

5. Convenience

The features of luxury homes are designed to appeal to the homeowner and often include amenities that allow you to access everything you need from the comfort of home. That includes the obvious, such as a home gym or home movie theater, but it also includes any features that appeal to you specifically. Some people like to have a water structure, like a small pond or a fountain. Others prefer something more elaborate, like an infinity pool or a full outdoor kitchen. Whatever your goal, convenience is inevitable with a luxury home.

3 Example Luxury Home Plans

Floor plans for a luxury home don’t need to be custom-made from scratch. Ready-made floor plans for luxury houses provide a variety of choices for your home, ranging from style to size. Whether you’re looking for a traditional, European, modern or ranch style, ready-made floor plans are a cost-efficient way to build your dream house. 

1. Modern Style

Featuring three bedrooms, three full bathrooms, a half bathroom and a three-car garage, this 3,730-square-foot home is designed in a contemporary way. It has separate kitchen and dining areas, a great room in the center and a second level with two bedrooms and additional space that would be great for guests and recreation. The second-floor bedrooms, like the main bedroom, feature an en suite bathroom, walk-in closets and a separate study.

There’s an option for an outdoor pool surrounded by covered verandas, a deck or patio and an outdoor kitchen. The pool features its own small power room and a spa, allowing for both recreational and fitness water sports. 

2. Traditional Style

With four bedrooms, four full bathrooms, a half bathroom and a four-car garage, this country-style house boasts a magnificent appearance and has a great room with a coffered ceiling. The great room flows from the kitchen and a breakfast room with a unique kitchen counter bar. This 3,602-square-foot home also features a grilling porch at the back, a separate study and dining room, as well as a covered porch. 

The second level — the attic— features an entertainment area, complete with a home theater and game room.

3. Tudor Style

This sprawling 4,386-square-foot European-style house boasts four bedrooms, four full bathrooms, a half bathroom and a three-car garage with a side entrance. The main bedroom also features a sitting room that opens into a covered patio.

The single-level home has the option of becoming a two-level home with additional space on the second floor and attic. It also features a large outdoor living area, a game and media room, a separate dining room, a breakfast room and a carriage house that is attached to the main house by a porte-cochere. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Luxury House Plans

If this is your first time investing in a luxury home, you probably have some questions that need answered:

What Should a Luxury Home Have?

There’s no singular answer to this question since the concept of luxury may differ from person to person. Essentially, a luxury home should have amenities that let the homeowner feel like they’re being lavished upon. Luxury homeowners should feel like they’ve been spoiled and have everything they could possibly want in a home at their fingertips.

What Should a Luxury Home Have

What Defines a Luxury Home?

There is no exact definition of a luxury home since it can be subjective. However, it’s often determined by a combination of the home’s size, location and price — all of which can vary based on what the residents of a high-end area have come to expect of a luxury home.

What Does Luxury Living Mean?

Convenience, comfort and quality are three cornerstones of luxurious living, and they can mean different things for different people. The combination of those three factors will ideally allow homeowners to experience life in a new way. Public opinion of what constitutes luxury living may differ based on factors such as income, class and location. Essentially, anyone living a life in which comfort, convenience and quality are top of mind can be considered to be living a life of luxury.

How Long Do Luxury Homes Sit on the Market?

It’s no secret that luxury homes may spend longer on the market than other homes, but that has more to do with the economy and housing trends than with the homes themselves. In 2017, the majority of the most expensive houses spent upwards of 180 days on the market. This was an increase from 2015, and these numbers will continue to fluctuate as the economy strengthens and weakens over the years.

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