A Guide to 2-Bedroom House Plans

A Guide to 2-Bedroom House Plans

A Guide to 2 Bedroom House Plans

If you want a house that’s the right size for your lifestyle, we offer flexible two-bedroom home plans. Whether you’re starting a family or want to downsize after your kids leave the nest, we have the perfect floor plan for your new construction.

Browse through our search engine to find the ideal property from our thousands of options available. Even if we don’t have your dream home, you can customize our floor plans to create what you need. Use this guide to our two-bedroom house plans to help you think about what you want for your living space.

Characteristics of 2-Bedroom Houses

A two-bedroom house is the perfect living arrangement for single homebuyers, newlyweds, empty nesters and older adults. Whether you want a small two-bedroom home or an expansive property with a garage, Family Home Plans has an easy-to-use online search service that allows you to find blueprints conveniently.

Use the filters in our search form to narrow your options. Our house plans search engine allows you to fill out the following:

  • Square footage: Choose a size for your home based on your lot’s size and the space you need for your family. You can find two-bedroom floor plans as small as 480 square feet and as large as 5,679 square feet.
  • The number of bathrooms: A two-bedroom house plan would work ideally with two bathrooms. Our search engine features two-bedroom home plans with several options for the number of bathrooms, depending on what your family needs.
  • The number of stories: If you have limited lot space, you can build up instead of out. Even though a two-bedroom floor plan can fit on one level, you can extend your bedrooms to three floors. We also offer split level and split foyer house plans to create privacy between your bedrooms and guest area.
  • Garage type and bays: If you need a safe place to store your car, we have one-car, two-car or three-car garage plans, where these additions are attached or detached. You could also get a carport or drive-under garage to protect your vehicle from the elements.
  • Foundation type: The foundation is essential for preserving your home’s structural integrity. A concrete slab, post or crawlspace are easy to maintain, but a basement allows you to have an additional level for recreation or storage.
  • Exterior wall type: The outer wall material you choose affects how your house withstands the elements. Consult your builder about the best choice for your home, depending on your local climate. Our options include two-by-four lumber, two-by-six lumber, concrete, insulated concrete forms (ICF) or log.

You can arrange your search results based on your preferences. You can even sort plans based on your favorite designer and receive notifications once a new plan surfaces.

5 Benefits of 2-Bedroom Houses

If you’re looking for a cozy, low-maintenance living space, a two-bedroom house is an appropriate size for you and your family. Check out these advantages to living in a two-bedroom property instead of choosing a larger home.

5 Benefits of 2 Bedroom Houses

1. They’re Easy to Maintain

You should get a smaller house if you don’t have the time or energy to clean a large home. A two-bedroom floor plan is convenient to clean and repair because they are typically on the smaller side. This setup is perfect for new homeowners who are adjusting to adulthood and trying to figure out a simple cleaning schedule. It can also work for empty nesters who are tired of cleaning their kids’ old bedrooms.

2. They’re More Affordable

A compact property costs less money to construct. If you’re on a tight budget or don’t have a large down payment, homeownership is much easier when you can build a small house. With a lower monthly mortgage payment, you can spend money on other items that matter to you instead of living paycheck to paycheck. You can also have peace of mind that you can keep your home, even if you have a financial setback.

You can also afford to be in an affluent area near your job if you build a two-bedroom house. Typically, homes closer to these regions are more expensive, but if you can get land near your work, you can save money on gas. These neighborhoods also tend to have better quality schools.

3. They’re Energy Efficient

Two-bedroom houses are eco-friendly because they require fewer materials during the construction process. Since they’re smaller, they also need less energy to power the home, so you can save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. If you live in a walkable area, you can cut back on driving your fuel-powered vehicle by walking to the grocery store.

4. They Promote Family Values

In a smaller home, you and your family can spend more time together. When you don’t have space to hide from your loved ones, you learn how to deal with conflict and grow closer together. If you’re just starting a family, in a two-bedroom house, you can keep an eye on your kids while still maintaining your privacy.

Besides learning how to resolve conflict and take care of your little ones, you can also learn to live below your means and practice a minimalist lifestyle. When you have a small property, you’re more careful with what you bring inside your home. To maximize the use of your compact space, you might want to reduce the clutter and focus on what matters most.

5. They’re Easy to Customize

A two-bedroom house is cozy and inviting because it’s manageable to decorate. Large homes are more expensive to furnish, so they can feel cold and sterile. You could also splurge on unnecessary wall art or furniture to fill the space in a massive property. Instead, you can paint your small home yourself and furnish it with ease.

Common Types of 2-Bedroom House Plans

Our two-bedroom house plans come in a variety of styles from Craftsman and cabin to farmhouse and ranch. You can also decide on the number of stories, bathrooms and whether you want your two-bedroom house to have a garage or an open plan. Check out these types of two-bedroom home plans to find the right one for you.

Common Types of 2 Bedroom House Plans

1. 2-Bedroom House Plans With Basement

If you’ve decided that a basement foundation is the best option for your property, consider our two-bedroom house plans with a basement. Here are some of the advantages of having one:

  • It gives you additional space for storage.
  • You can finish it and make it another level for entertainment or additional bedrooms.
  • You can have privacy by hosting your overnight guests in the basement.
  • Having a finished basement can increase your property’s resale value.
  • You can have easier access to utility lines than if you lived on a slab.

2. 2-Bedroom House Plans Under 1,500 Square Feet

Among our many blueprints, we have two-bedroom house plans under 1,500 square feet if you have a small lot or simply want something low maintenance. Even if the rooms are compact, 1,500 square feet is plenty of space for entertaining guests or raising a family. You also can build up and have a three-story or split level home if you need additional space.

Follow these tips for making the most of a property with limited square footage:

  • Make a habit of decluttering your living space so you can enjoy the clean environment.
  • Separate rooms into zones with area rugs or furniture.
  • Maximize closet space to keep your belongings out of sight.
  • Consider furniture that doubles as a storage unit.
  • Instead of storing items on the floor, use vertical space, like the walls and ceiling.

3. Simple 2-Bedroom House Plans

With our thousands of customizable plans, you can make your simple home whatever you want it to be. Here are some typical characteristics of a simple two-bedroom house plan:

  • One level to reduce the need to climb stairs
  • Small square footage for ease of maintenance
  • Large windows to maximize natural light
  • A small, manageable kitchen that’s large enough for your family
  • Two bedrooms and no bonus room or other areas for entertainment

4. 2-Bedroom House Plans Without a Garage

We offer several two-bedroom house plans without a garage to maximize your living space. You can use a shed, basement, attic or closets to store your valuables if you don’t need a place to keep your vehicle. When you choose not to have a garage, you can:

  • Save money on your property building project.
  • Maintain a minimalist lifestyle instead of filling your living space with clutter.
  • Use the square footage for a recreational area instead of storage.
  • Save time that you would’ve spent organizing your garage.

5. 2-Bedroom House Plans With an Open Floor Plan

We offer two-bedroom house plans with an open floor plan among our many search engine results. Here are some of the benefits of having an open floor plan:

  • It gets rid of interior walls so you can have more natural light in your living space.
  • You can easily walk around instead of bumping into walls.
  • It makes your small house feel bigger.
  • You and your guests will have a clean sight line to help you see the whole floor plan at once.

3 Examples of 2-Bedroom House Plans

If you want an idea of the kinds of two-bedroom house plans we offer, here are three examples.

Examples of 2 Bedroom House Plans

1. Southern Style House Plan

This 1,225-square-foot home features two bedrooms and two full baths. Walk into the house to the kitchen on your left and living room on your right. Each bedroom comes with a separate bathroom. Even though it doesn’t have a garage, you can add one on. For a foundation, you have the option of a crawlspace or concrete slab.

2. One-Story Style House Plan

This house plan is a two-bedroom home with two full baths and a one-car carport. This one-story, 1,152-square-foot property features a front porch that leads you through the front door and into the great room, with the kitchen and dining room behind it. Each bedroom has a bathroom. Behind the carport is space for storage, along with a porch in the backyard. You can either get a crawlspace or concrete slab foundation.

3. Country Style House Plan

This floor plan features a two-story, 1,339-square foot home with two bedrooms, two full baths and a half bath. On the first floor, you walk in through the covered porch to the family room with a vaulted ceiling, which leads to the kitchen and dining room behind it. The master bathroom and ensuite bathroom is on the first floor, along with a guest half bath.

When you go up the stairs, you’ll find the second bathroom and bedroom. The loft has an optional third bedroom that you could use as an office space or playroom. You can order a garage or carport if you need space to store your vehicle. This plan is only available with a crawlspace foundation.

FAQ About 2 Bedroom House Plans

If you’re unsure if a two-bedroom home plan is right for you, check out these answers to the questions you may have:

  • What is a two-bedroom house plan? A two-bedroom house plan is a blueprint for a residence that has two bedrooms. This style comes with multiple options for bathrooms, garage bays and levels.
  • Why are two-bedroom houses popular? Two-bedroom houses are popular because they are low maintenance but still provide enough space for a simple lifestyle. They’re also affordable and energy-efficient, reducing utility costs and carbon emissions.
  • How big is a two-bedroom house? A two-bedroom home can be a few hundred feet or several thousand square feet, depending on your design preference and space needs. You can put one bedroom on the main level and another upstairs, or you can have all your bedrooms on the same floor.
  • How many square feet is a two-bedroom, two-bath house? A two-bedroom, two-bathroom home could be as little as 681 square feet and as large as 5,518 square feet.

Choose Family Home Plans

Your dream home is just a few clicks away. All you have to do is use our search service to find the perfect two-bedroom house plan. Browse our website and purchase your blueprints today. You can also contact us if you have any questions.

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