Modern Carriage House Plan With 2 Bedroom Apartment

Modern Carriage House Plan 82905

Modern Carriage House Plan With 2 Bedroom Apartment

Modern Carriage House Plan 82905  is perfect for someone looking for additional storage and living space, but can also function as a stand alone residence. Outside dimensions are 50 feet wide by 28 feet deep. Each of the three front-facing garage bay doors measure 9 feet wide by 8 feet tall. This plan offers 2 bedrooms and a bath, but the most impressive part is the kitchen, living, and dining area that lives larger than one would expect in such a small package.

Modern Carriage House Plan With 1,092 Sq Ft Garage

Why build a house when you can build a garage apartment instead? Let’s take a look at the advantages. Firstly, storage, storage, and more storage. The ground floor has 1,092 square feet of garage space. Now, use of that space is going to vary from homeowner to homeowner. Maybe a realtor will build this garage apartment and store For Sale signs in the back of the garage. Perhaps they will even store furniture that can be used in staging homes. Once you have the space, your business can expand and grow when it comes to all that you can offer potential clients.

Secondly, building Modern Carriage House Plan 82905 is a strategy in building your finances. Suppose you just bought a prime piece of real estate, and there’s no house on the property. No problem because you can build this garage apartment first. After completion, live in the upper-level apartment while your “Big House” is under construction. Who knows? You might like the carriage house so much that you don’t want to move out! Furthermore, resale value of the entire property goes up exponentially when you can market the property with an apartment which will bring in rental income.

2 Bedrooms and Open Living Space

Thirdly, let’s take a tour of this great apartment we’ve been going on about. You get access to the main level entry area through the front porch or from inside the garage. Side note: if you rent out the apartment, you can still keep everything in your garage secure by locking up this entry door. Going up, we land in a small entry and then continue into a pleasant open floor plan layout. There is no fireplace to take up space, so you’re free to arrange the furniture any way that you prefer. The dining space shares an eat-at bar attached to the kitchen. The U-shaped kitchen is well-designed for convenient food prep, and there’s a good-sized storage closet to function as the pantry.

Moving on to the bedrooms, we find that both share the guest bathroom. Don’t worry about only having one bathroom. Look at it this way—you just cut cleaning time in half because you only have to clean one bathroom. The bathroom includes a walk-in shower with a seat so you can relax a bit. Each bedroom has a walk-in closet, and the occupants have quick access to the laundry closet which will accommodate a stacked washer and dryer. To conclude, this garage apartment has everything you need in a very comfortable floor plan.

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