2 Bedroom Minimalist House Plan With 936 Sq Ft

2 Bedroom Minimalist House Plan With 936 Sq Ft

Minimalist House Plan 80537 is perfect for those who want a comfortable and attractive small home. Exterior dimensions are only 36 feet wide by 36 feet deep. As a result, this home will fit almost anywhere! The exterior dimensions include the front and rear covered porches. You will find two bedrooms and one shared bathroom with a total of 936 square feet of living space inside. This new construction plan is expertly designed. In fact, there is no wasted space, and traffic flows gracefully throughout the house.

Minimalist House Plan With One Bathroom

Minimalist House Plan 80537 will appeal to those who long for a simpler lifestyle. Firstly, many people are looking to downsize. Do you have too much stuff? Most of us can answer yes to that question. If your home is small, it can only contain so much. Build this home plan with under 1000 square feet, and it will limit you—in a good way. For example, with only two bedrooms, you can only fit two beds. With a living room at 12.5′ deep, you will be limited to a corner style couch and one armchair. Gone are the days when you had to fill up an empty and unused void of unnecessary space in an oversized living room.

Secondly, there is less to clean. Yes, we’re all thinking the same thing: cleaning is getting old. Imagine a life where you only have one toilet to clean. Think of how long it takes you to clean a 2000 square foot house and then imagine how long it will take you to clean a home that is about half that size. Thirdly, think of the cost savings. Overall construction of a 936 square foot house is obviously going to come in as less expensive than a 2500 square foot home. After that, ongoing maintenance will be less expensive and easier to do because there is simply less area to maintain.

Functionally-Designed Small House Plan

If you’re looking for an affordable Country-Style rancher, here it is. A front and rear covered porch welcomes family and guests alike. Step inside the front door and you are greeted by a spacious open plan with the combined kitchen, dining, and living areas, perfect for relaxing or entertaining. Take a close look at the beautifully arranged kitchen with its inviting eat-at snack bar and ample counter space. Just off the kitchen is a handy rear entrance / laundry room with its own big coat closet. Check out the space-saving details: there is a pocket door separating the kitchen from the laundry room.

This design features two large bedrooms with lots of closet space, and the family bathroom is close-by. Minimalist House Plan 80537 is an ideally sized starter, family or retirement home with lots of amenities that can be built for a reasonable price. In conclusion, choose this small home plan so that you can own your home instead of letting your home own you. Click here to see more interior pictures, pricing, and specifications at Family Home Plans. Save this Affordable Home Plan by pinning the brochure below on Pinterest.

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