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2 3
1216 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 2
36' W x 56' D
1258 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 2
44' W x 32' D
1260 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 2
30' W x 48' D
1277 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 2
44' W x 41' D
1064 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 2
28' W x 38' D
1196 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 2
43' W x 32' D
953 Heated SqFt
Beds: 2 - Baths: 1-1/2
36 W x 42'4 D
1296 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 2
50' W x 40' D
1064 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 2
38' W x 28' D
1100 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 2
44' W x 50' D
1122 Heated SqFt
Beds: 2 - Baths: 2
33' W x 42' D
1208 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 2
40' W x 35' D
1248 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 2
50 W x 44 D
920 Heated SqFt
Beds: 2 - Baths: 2
36' W x 40' D
1146 Heated SqFt
Beds: 2 - Baths: 2
35'4 W x 60'8 D
1273 Heated SqFt
Beds: 2 - Baths: 2
46'0 W x 46'0 D
600 Heated SqFt
Beds: 1 - Baths: 1
30' W x 32' D
686 Heated SqFt
Beds: 2 - Baths: 1
W x D
761 Heated SqFt
Beds: 2 - Baths: 1
22' W x 29' D
831 Heated SqFt
Beds: 2 - Baths: 2
24' W x 24' D

Find the Right Small House Plan

Family Home Plans offers thousands of small, affordable house plans to fit any lifestyle and design specifications. Whether you’re looking for a modern small house plan or a cottage-style house, you can always rely on our database to find your ideal style. What’s more is that our small house plans come with pictures, making it easier for our clients to choose the precise design they’re searching for.

Perks of Having a Smaller House

Here are the benefits of living in a smaller house:

  • Fewer expenses: Building a smaller house is far easier and much less expensive considering that it doesn’t require as many materials.
  • Lower energy use: In this era of going green and saving the environment, investing in a small house plan is great for many individuals because it plays a vital role in lowering energy consumption. You won’t need to heat a smaller house as much, which will even lead to reduced power bills.
  • Great for downsizing: Living in an expansive house can be lonely and overwhelming. For this reason, most people, especially elderly couples, opt to downsize after their kids have moved out.
  • Great for a starter home: A smaller house can be an excellent option for anyone starting out on their homeownership journey. The best part is that you can customize your plan later by adding more rooms and amenities as your family grows.
  • Easier maintenance: It’s very easy to maintain a smaller house considering that it has fewer doors, windows and other movable parts that require frequent maintenance.

Why Family Home Plans?

Here’s why you should choose us over the competition:

  • Saved time and money: Drawing and designing a custom small house plan isn’t as easy as it sounds. A small plan may leave out crucial features and amenities. Hence, it’s imperative to find an architect with a keen eye for detail. From the look of things, doing so might take a long time. In addition, hiring a local designer is very expensive compared to buying a builder-ready plan from Family Home Plans.
  • Price match guarantee: We offer special discounts ranging from 10% to 15% when you order two to four and five or more different house plan sets at the same time. In addition, we provide a low-price guarantee that promises to beat competitor prices for the same plan by up to five percent of the total cost.
  • Customizable plans: All of our small house plans are highly customizable. You can add or remove various features, adjust sizes and modify amenities based on your specific preferences. This ability can come in handy considering that small house plans may leave out some desired features during the design stage.

Purchase Small House Plans Here

If you’re an individual or a young couple looking for a small house plan where you can start your homeownership journey, Family Home Plans should be your first stop. We have more than 2,700 unique small house plans designed to meet your style and preferences. Try out our search service today for more amazing small house plans, and make your selection today.