What Does Your Home Design Say About You?

What Does Your Home Design Say About You?

What Does Your Home Design Say About You?  


When you purchase a home, you have a lot to consider, but did you ever stop to think about what the home’s elevation says about your disposition and lifestyle? From colonial to contemporary, the home you live in may let on more than you think to your neighbors and family. But it works both ways. Sure, you might give away some insight into your personality, but you can also find out quite a bit about your acquaintances with one simple glance at their home’s design.


Colonial: Sensible and Stable


With multiple stories, symmetrical styling, and impeccable decorative touches, it’s no surprise that the colonial home is one of the most popular in the country, according to Better Homes and Gardens. Owners of colonial homes are very traditional in their beliefs, and they have a strong sense of stability. Once they move in, they will probably be around for a while. Colonial home owners are usually successful and may often host formal dinner parties.


Craftsman: Practical and Proud


Owners of craftsman-style homes (recognizable by their natural materials and simple forms) are all about quality. They are willing to pay more for items that are well made, yet they are never frivolous with their spending. Since most craftsman homes are also filled with built-in shelving, seating, and cabinets, it’s clear that practicality always reigns supreme. Oftentimes, owners of craftsmen homes will have an artistic tendency and prefer to keep things simple and clean. Nothing is ever in the home if it doesn’t serve a purpose.


Spanish: Stress-free and Social


With their terra cotta pavers, stucco roofs and wrought-iron accents, Spanish homes clearly have personality, and so do their owners. People who live in Spanish-style homes are all about living the good life and love to entertain in a casual way. They will often have oversized patios and outdoor kitchens to make their guests feel welcome, and they are all about living life with no regrets.


Contemporary: Advanced and Active


This style of home may be all about the straight lines and simple designs, but their owners are anything but one-dimensional. Owners of contemporary homes usually lead busy lives and they love to be organized. They also take advantage of the finer things in life and will always have the most current technology at their fingertips. While they may seem introverted, they are great company once you get to know them.


Ranch: Economical and Easygoing


No frills or extras here, ranch style homes are all about keeping things to the basics. Owners of ranch homes are all about saving money and will often have the largest bank accounts around as a result. They enjoy privacy, with their layouts often keeping the living areas far away from the bedrooms. Not only that, but they are big believers in practicality and will only buy something if it can serve more than one purpose (e.g. ottomans, sleeper sofas, etc.). Ranch house owners enjoy the simple life and are the kind of people that will stay your friend for life.


Tudor: Romantic and Relaxed


Since they imitate the designs seen in fairytales, it’s no surprise that owners of Tudor homes are romantics at heart. They go through life following their hearts, and they often have an eclectic mix of social circles. Owners of Tudor homes make friends everywhere they go and there aren’t many styles of décor they don’t like. Their homes will often house a mix of everything from hand-painted dressers to sleek leather sofas, and they have a hard time getting rid of anything.


There you have it — the most common home styles decoded. Not only will this information help you get to know your neighbors a little better, it will also make you more aware when choosing your own home. The good news is that none of the styles are any better than the others — they are each just unique in their own way.


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