Modern Style One Level Garage Apartment Plan 81778

One Level Garage Apartment Plan

Modern Style One Level Garage Apartment Plan 81778

One Level Garage Apartment Plan 81778 has eye-catching modern appeal. Two garage doors measure 10′ wide by 12′ tall each, and the depth of the garage is 50′. As a result, you can fit two regular sized vehicles and a boat in the back! The exterior is finished with sleek gray siding—the specific material is your choice. Modern style garage doors are shown in a warm tone of woodgrain along with the front door. Buyers will choose this plan because it’s a simple style to build, and the aesthetic is contemporary.

One Level Garage Apartment Plan With One Bedroom

Why choose a one-level garage apartment plan? Firstly, one-level is accessible. Some of our clients will choose this one-level design because of mobility reasons. Others will choose this one-level design simply because it’s no fun to carry furniture upstairs! Yes, this plan makes it easy to move in and to move out. Why is that beneficial? If you choose to rent out the apartment, new tenants will breathe a sigh of relief to know that the couch will not need to be hauled up a narrow flight of stairs. The end result is that your property will be snapped up quickly by the next renter.

Secondly, those aforementioned potential tenants will love the interior. The living space is open. A couple can rent this apartment and entertain with ease. Several people can sit down at the kitchen island while you’re finishing up the meal preparation. Plus, the corner pantry stores extra things you want to keep off the counters. Thirdly, check out the laundry room. Renters will appreciate having a laundry room in the first place, but it’s also nice how the bedroom is connected to the laundry room. This feature makes it extra convenient.

Great Bedroom Suite + Office

One Level Garage Apartment Plan 81778 is a flexible design. For example, it includes a fully-enclosed office which measures 14′ wide by 11′ deep. Of course you can use it for an office, but what if you need another bedroom? No problem because you can add a closet and market this building as a two-bedroom garage apartment. That would be an easy change which you could make at any time.

Lastly in this design, we walk into the bedroom. This room is located in the rear of the design, and it measures 18′ wide by 14′ deep. The ensuite is refreshingly long and spacious at 8′ wide by 19′ deep, and this makes room for a freestanding tub on one end and a double vanity with lots of counter space on the other. Don’t forget the closet! It’s 6′ wide x 19′ deep and sure to hold everything you need! Click here to see the specifications and pricing and be sure to save this plan by pinning the brochure below on Pinterest:

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