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Cabin Home Plans

Cabins are a great option for a vacation home or even year-round. Their simple, rustic style is ideal for a family that enjoys the outdoors. Whether you're looking for a ski cabin or cabin by the beach, Family Home Plans has plenty of options for you to choose from.

741 Heated SqFt
26'4 W x 19'4 D
Bed: 2 - Bath: 1
1360 Heated SqFt
34'0" W x 50'0" D
Bed: 2 - Bath: 2
1371 Heated SqFt
31'0" W x 61'0" D
Bed: 1 - Bath: 1.5
1660 Heated SqFt
47'10 W x 48'10 D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2.5
2473 Heated SqFt
50'0 W x 35'10 D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2.5
2468 Heated SqFt
71'8" W x 50'10" D
Bed: 2 - Bath: 2
800 Heated SqFt
38'2" W x 35'0" D
Bed: 2 - Bath: 2
1200 Heated SqFt
71'8 W x 48'10 D
Bed: 2 - Bath: 2
1839 Heated SqFt
52'3" W x 44'6" D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2
1854 Heated SqFt
80'7" W x 46'0" D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2.5
2661 Heated SqFt
57'0" W x 50'6" D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 3.5
1600 Heated SqFt
52'0" W x 42'0" D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2
1833 Heated SqFt
50'0" W x 38'0" D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2.5
3082 Heated SqFt
52'0" W x 52'0" D
Bed: 2 - Bath: 2
2520 Heated SqFt
56'0" W x 32'0" D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 3.5
1340 Heated SqFt
24'0 W x 36'0 D
Bed: 1 - Bath: 1
1952 Heated SqFt
53'0" W x 38'0" D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2.5
1770 Heated SqFt
58'0" W x 38'0" D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2.5
1846 Heated SqFt
62'0 W x 29'0 D
Bed: 2 - Bath: 2.5
2650 Heated SqFt
74'6" W x 38'0" D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2.5

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Finding the Right Cabin Plan

Cabin house plans come in all shapes and sizes depending on what you're looking for. As you decide which cabin plan is right for you and your family, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Is this a year-round home or vacation home?: Will you be living in your cabin year-round, or just for part of the year? Figuring out when and how often you will be using the cabin will factor into what features you decide you need in a cabin floor plan.
  • Where is your plot of land?: Will your cabin be in the mountains or by the beach? Your location will play a large role in determining what kind of plan might work best for the specific terrain and surroundings.
  • How many people does the cabin need to accommodate?: Are you looking for a small cabin plan or a mid-size to large cabin plan that can accommodate a larger family?

Types of Cabin Plans

When we think of cabins, most of us picture the traditional log cabin. But there are many different types of cabin plans and features to choose from, such as:

  • Traditional vs. Contemporary: Are you looking for that classic log cabin look, or something more contemporary? Family Home Plans has many options to help you achieve whatever style you're going for.
  • Small vs. Large: If your cabin will be hosting many people, you may want to opt for a larger cabin house plan. Or if you don't have as many people to accommodate and you want that cozy cabin feel, we have small cabin plans to choose from as well.
  • Cabin features: Since access to nature is typically a major draw of a cabin, many of our cabin plans feature porches and decks to capitalize on indoor-outdoor living space.

Why Choose Family Home Plans?

At Family Home Plans, we offer a variety of benefits to our customers, including:

  • Fast turnarounds: We know the process of building a new home can be a long one, and we want to save you as much time as possible. When you pick one of our house plans, the plan will get to you in a matter of days. If you choose to work with an architect, you will likely wait months before receiving your plan.
  • Huge selection of home plans: You can choose from our collection of thousands of house plans. We are also happy to customize any of our plans to fit your exact needs.
  • Cost savings: Working with us will save you thousands of dollars, as architects can be very expensive.
  • Price match guarantee: We will also save you money by beating any competitor's price on one of our plans by 5% of the total cost. And we honor our price matching guarantee up to four weeks after your purchase, so you can feel good about buying from us.

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