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2 3
1225 Heated SqFt
Beds: 2 - Baths: 2
50' W x 50' D
2221 Heated SqFt
Beds: 4 - Baths: 3
65' W x 50' D
2362 Heated SqFt
Beds: 4 - Baths: 3
65'8 W x 73'4 D
2586 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 3
62'8" W x 84'0" D
3730 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 3-1/2
65'2 W x 96'6 D
1118 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 2
30'0 W x 60'0 D
1189 Heated SqFt
Beds: 2 - Baths: 2
42' W x 42' D
1356 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 2
34' W x 64' D
1411 Heated SqFt
Beds: 2 - Baths: 2
42' W x 56' D
1476 Heated SqFt
Beds: 2 - Baths: 2-1/2
30' W x 65' D
1605 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 2
53' W x 58'8 D
1744 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 2
51' W x 63' D
1789 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 2
55 W x 60 D
1949 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 3-1/2
30' W x 50' D
2255 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 3
95'0 W x 52'6 D
2647 Heated SqFt
Beds: 5 - Baths: 3
35' W x 57' D
3011 Heated SqFt
Beds: 4 - Baths: 4-1/2
61'4" W x 95'2" D
3016 Heated SqFt
Beds: 6 - Baths: 4-1/2
60 W x 47'8 D
3382 Heated SqFt
Beds: 4 - Baths: 4-1/2
61'8 W x 103'8 D
3591 Heated SqFt
Beds: 4 - Baths: 4-1/2
69'8 W x 104'8 D

Finding the Right Florida House Plan

If you're considering a Florida style house plan, Family Home Plans has plenty of options for you to consider. Here are some factors to keep in mind as you look for the right plan for you and your family:

  • Location: Florida home plans are typically designed for coastal locations. Depending on your property's proximity to the beach, plans that feature plenty of outdoor space could be a good option. If you live in a landlocked area, a Florida style home plan is a great way to add a beach-like feel to your property.
  • Outdoor spaces: Florida house plans are designed to take advantage of the surrounding outdoor space. Pools, verandas, patios, large porches and decks are popular features to include.
  • Open floor plans: Florida homes are typically designed with airflow in mind to keep the home cool, so open floor plans are a signature feature. From open-concept kitchens to spacious living rooms, we have plans that will create that feeling of openness in the home.

Types of Florida House Plans

When you're choosing a Florida home plan, there are a few different types to consider:

  • Traditional Florida house plans: We have many plans that have the traditional stucco exterior and red-tiled roof for a classic Mediterranean-inspired look.
  • Luxury Florida house plans: If you're looking for luxury in your Florida home, features such as outdoor fireplaces, private balconies and arched entryways can create that feeling of grandeur.
  • Tidewater house plans: With their signature wraparound porches, tidewater homes are a type of Florida home designed for particularly wet climates.

Why Choose Family Home Plans?

At Family Home Plans, our goal is to save you time and money. That's why we offer our customers many benefits, such as:

  • Affordable prices: Working with an architect on a custom plan can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Our house plans are a fraction of the cost.
  • Price match guarantee: We also pride ourselves on our competitive prices, and if you find one of our plans for less with a competitor, we will beat that cost by 5%. This guarantee extends through the first four weeks after your purchase, so you don't have to wait to find a better deal.
  • Quick delivery: Getting a completely custom house plan from an architect can take many months. When you choose a plan through Family Home Plans, we will have the complete, finalized plan to you in days. We know the house building process can be long one, so we save you time upfront.
  • Large selection of plans: We work with over 150 designers and have thousands of plans for you to choose from. We will also work with you to customize any plan so that it is exactly what you need.
  • Searching made easy: Our plans are easily searchable with many criteria options so you can make your search as specific or broad as you'd like.

Browse Our Florida House Plans Today

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