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2 3
2091 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 2-1/2
78'9 W x 71'5 D
2796 Heated SqFt
Beds: 4 - Baths: 4
84'0 W x 59'0 D
1972 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 3-1/2
47'0 W x 46'6 D
1600 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 2
56'0 W x 62'4 D
2358 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 2-1/2
67'6 W x 65'4 D
2363 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 3
57'4" W x 55'10" D
3076 Heated SqFt
Beds: 4 - Baths: 3-1/2
88'0 W x 67'8 D
1610 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 2-1/2
36'0 W x 38'0 D
1618 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 2-1/2
24'0" W x 60'0" D
1718 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 2-1/2
43'0 W x 46'4 D
1754 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 2
23'9 W x 51'8 D
1837 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 2
58'0 W x 64'4 D
1983 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 2-1/2
60'0 W x 61'0 D
2060 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 2
34'0 W x 58'0 D
2252 Heated SqFt
Beds: 3 - Baths: 2
85'0 W x 64'0 D
2281 Heated SqFt
Beds: 4 - Baths: 2
69'6 W x 61'10 D
2351 Heated SqFt
Beds: 4 - Baths: 3
55'0 W x 48'0 D
2751 Heated SqFt
Beds: 4 - Baths: 3-1/2
72'2 W x 64'8 D
2993 Heated SqFt
Beds: 4 - Baths: 3-1/2
82'0 W x 60'0 D
3302 Heated SqFt
Beds: 5 - Baths: 5-1/2
143'0 W x 68'0 D

Find the Right House Plan With Master Suite

Locating your desired master bedroom retreat floor plans will be fast, easy and efficient with our advanced house plan search. Just follow this straightforward guide to finding your ideal home plan with the master suite you've always desired:

  1. Enter or select the square footage of the home you need.
  2. Pick the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you want.
  3. Enter the garage type and number of stories.
  4. Choose the type of foundation you want.
  5. Select the type and measurement of your exterior wall.

You can apply a variety of filters to refine your search results. It's easy to list your desired plan with the bestselling plans showing first.

If you need more details to refine your search, you can use other filter options like:

  • Formal dining room
  • Finished basement
  • The floor for the master bed suite
  • The floor where your laundry room is
  • The presence of a fireplace

Perks of Having a Secluded Master Suite

In contrast to the open floor plan, the master suite is growing in popularity. As a homeowner, you may desire to have your elderly grandparents living with you, or you may need a private in-law suite. Even if you’re not expecting permanent guests, you may want to enjoy a quiet retreat within your home. The master suite located on the first floor can fit such a requirement perfectly, offering:

  • Peace and quiet: This suite offers you or your guests a quiet space to meditate, reflect and enjoy a higher quality of sleep.
  • A place of relaxation: If you need a place to relax after a tough day or week at work, your master suite can offer you a great environment in which to relieve stress.
  • Privacy: A master suite can enable you to live in a private space within the home. These suites also give multi-family residents a chance to enjoy their privacy within the home.

Why Family Home Plans?

Family Home Plans is the best place to find and buy house plans with a master suite. Here are some of the reasons you should use our site as your prime source for house floor plans:

  • We'll save you time and money: Our efficient and well-designed search feature will help you find the precise type of home plan you want within a few minutes. Also, we’ll help you to save at least 80% of the cost of paying an architect to design a custom plan from scratch.
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  • You can easily have plans customized for you: When you need an additional room or want a part of the plan expanded, we'll customize the plan for you at a low cost.

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